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What is an Akashic Reading

Your soul has been here on earth over and over again. Your soul has experienced so many different life times and so many different journeys. Some have been profound, in some you’ve learned the downside of life being poor or sick. Maybe you have lost so much in life, maybe you have been rich and thriving. 

All these soul experiences are stored away in your Akasha Record. This is an energy field accessible for Akasha Readers to retrieve relevant information. In this record there is everything about your soul, from the very beginning of your soul’s incarnation on earth. From the very beginning until this moment. 

The Akasha field is your personal library.

Most likely in this lifetime you are experiencing challenges too. Maybe you have lost your job, maybe you have some health issues, maybe you wish for a happy relationship and it turns out you always loose the relationship or person. Maybe it is hard for you to find the right direction in your career. In short; even in this life time you might experience challenges for a reason. There is a greater understanding how to change your life when you learn more about your Akasha Record and heal old wounds.  

Not only the past is stored in the Akasha field. Also the potentials and possibilities you are carrying with you in the present. Focusing on the potentials is creating a new way of looking at the same life. It brings new visions, new options and new roads ahead. 

Why an Akashic Reading

Life on earth is one big adventure. When you go on an adventure most likely you need some guidelines and tools assisting you on your path. 

An Akasha reading is a lot like that. During the reading you are receiving tools to help yourself forward in life. There will be light bestowed upon troubles, issues and big questions, related to your life and presence here on earth. 

Not only the past is relevant. A reading can be very helpful to find new directions in your life, new paths to walk upon, finding new opportunities and move forward from your inner strength.

New insights will help you today and make you a happier person.

A reading brings deeper understanding. Many people find answers to questions related to previous life times as a human on planet earth. Blockages will be healed and new freedom is felt afterwards, so in daily life progress is made.

I offer Akashic readings via Zoom. So where ever you are on the planet: a reading is always possible without any travel.


“Your Akasha reading was very special to me and a valuable experience. During the reading I received tips and tools I could use for a certain amount of weeks. I had questions related to two specific themes. Working with the tools brought a lot in motion and now I have a better relationship with my kids. It certainly gave me the push I needed to follow my own personal path and less depending on the opinion of others. All together a huge result after a one hour session. I recommend it to everyone”. – Radboud

“Had a reading done in the new 2021! Thea, like all great psychics, is a guide. Nudging us with memories, reminding us of our deliberate life path.” – Vadim Voitossevitch 

“It was a very special and impressive experience to receive a Akasha Reading. Beautiful insights were handed out to me. I could clearly feel the shift of energy running through my system. I could also feel the difference after Thea closed my Akasha field. Even the healing was instantly noticeable. Thank you Thea for such a clear reading”. -Anne

Thea Boven  brings a high level of professionalism to her therapeutic practice. Thea’s service in the area of Akashic readings opens up a whole new dimension for personal healing, growth (on the energetic level) which will enrich and deepen her clients’ self exploration and broaden their understanding of the multi-dimensional, multi-generational nature of their soul’s journey.” – Lizette.

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