What about Karma?

In our life we very often are faced with a repetitive pattern of habits. Even though we ‘know’ better, out of conditioning we fall back in old behaviour. 

Very often there is a karmic theme trying to be worked out. As long as we refuse to see the theme, we will be faced with it over and over again until we finally admit there has to be changed something and found the courage to heal those old wounds. 

As long as those wounds stem from our current life time it is not that hard to realize an underlaying pattern. If an issue is coming from a previous life time it is hard to recognize the origin. Because the origin is unknown it is difficult to see what happend. 

These are situations addressed very well during an akashic Reading. The Masters of the Akasha field take us into previous circumstances and clearly point out what happend in other life times, on other planets or in other dimensions, what was going on and what needs to be finished. Because karma is all about finishing unfinished business. 

As soon as we realize karma is about coming to completion with a person and or situation we can look at it from a perspective filled with love. Taking chances and turn them into something beautiful. A process like this is releasing old energies and creating space for something new and more elevating. Our life is more fulfilled, happy and joyful. 

It is such an honor to work together with the Masters of the Akasha field supporting humans here on earth. 

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