For Animals

Ever considered to consult an Akasha reader for the help and assistance of an animal?

In general we consult an Akashic reader for our own benefit. Not so much for our pets and animals. But why not? An animal has a soul too. Of course, there is a difference compared to the soul of humans. Animals their soul overall stays in groups, so is their consciousness. But most animals in our lives have a boss, an owner, a caretaker. So there is a relationship between the owner and the animal. Based upon this relationship lots of information is stored in the Akashic records, as well as for the animal, as it is for the owner. 

Lately I have done several readings for a lady who has horses and works with those horses. Despite the beauty, health and love the animals have, there was something special between her and the horses. Just if those horses were a little off compared to other horses. 

In the reading it turned out most of her horses have been horses in a previous life who got hurt and wounded in wars. In the earlier days the cavalry used mainly horses. So not only the soldiers got wounded or killed at those battlefields, so were the horses. 

The owner of these horses, the lady who consulted me, was the caretaker of those wounded horses in several wars. (I speak of a previous lifetime here.) In this life time they came back to her, to thank her, to be taken care off again in a better way until they finally will be able, emotionally strong enough, to proceed their journey here on earth and find their purpose in this incarnation. 

Our cat was sick the other day. Even though we toke her to the vet, she stayed sick. I consulted a colleague of mine. She told me our cat was sick because she took over a lot of negative energies from our surroundings. Meant for us, but she transmuted them. After lots of insight related to these issues we could help her and protect her energetically from those negative energies. Luckily she is a healthy cat again. 

Contact me if you need insights and clarity for your self of for your pet. 

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