Release old stuff

Every time I give an Akashic reading  I am surprised about the clear answers and view point coming up during a reading. The answers always make sense and give great clarity to the recipient. Sometimes though it is necessary to give the same person multiple readings. 

We live many lifetimes on earth. We all are around on this planet for a very long time and with a multitude of live times. During those lives we experience so much and very often there are issues we experience over and over again. Those experiences are not always solved in just one reading. 

This week again I had a client who had a reading in the past already. She wants to be an energy healer. She did a four year study, followed all the parts and programs of that education and she was fully equipped with all the tools and techniques. And yet, she was not able to start her practice and draw in clients, even though she was longing for it. 

During the reading we could go deeper in this theme and she was told she had been a shaman in a previous life time. During that life time she made a terrible mistake with the result of the death of a tribe member. She was abandoned and had a hard time to stay alive all by her self. Needles to say she carried a tremendous amount of guilt in her system. 

Now she knew why she was so hesitant to start her practice. She carried with her the old feelings of guilt, not being good enough and the fear of making mistakes. 

Working with the akashic prayers she will be able to release those old feelings and find the courage to start what she desires all her life already. (The prayers are coming from: ‘From questioning to knowing. 73 prayers to transform your life’. By Lisa Barnett) 

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