Moving forward

Most of us want to move forward and leave a situation behind that gives us the feeling of being stuck. 

Times like these feel stuck for a lot of humans. Becoming aware the old way of life doesn’t work any longer, and the new has still to come. 

In what direction are you moving? Where are you heading towards? 

For the most of us it is hard to have a clear vision. Because we want to move on, but still attached to old strings prevent us from stepping on to a new path. Why is this? What is holding the most of us back? 

During an Akashic Reading I see so many lifetimes from a person before this one. Like this lifetime, most likely the previous ones also have been challenging. In those lifetimes it also occurred we have been hurt or we have hurt others. Because of that we developed strings to other humans. Not only that, we also developed patterns and habits. During this life, these habits trickle through.

The result is again getting stuck into old patterns  and not being able to move forward. Maybe you are looking for a new job. How often you apply, always there is a refusal. Maybe in a previous life time you had unfinished business with a boss. Those unfinished business might preventing you from the long wished new job in this life time. 

During a session clarity related to that subject can help to heal old mistakes, pains or wounds. 

Forgiveness is usually the route to take. Forgive your self and forgive others who are involved in this drama. An akashic Reading is always a healing journey. Because as soon as you get clarity, consciousness can develop. From a developed consciousness awareness evolves and forgiveness is at the horizon. Never underestimate the healing power of forgiveness.  

Please contact me if your life feels stuck, if you want to proceed but don’t know the direction. I will be honored to be of your assistance.

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