Fear or Fearless

Times like these are asking for bravery. Times like these needs courage. Times like these are looking for balance. 

We are moving from one imbalance to the other. From fear to become sick, from disappointment over a jab what doesn’t work the way we wish, from being excluded at certain places because you refuge a jab, to the uncertainty over the economics, jobs, money, housing, health and healthy food up to a clean planet. The list is endless.

There is so much going on, almost every person on the planet is going through one or other discomfort, pain or sadness. 

Yet, the challenges we all face right now are strongly related to the shift of this planet. We are on our way from darkness to light, from war to peace, from imbalance to balance. But…….

There is a big ‘BUT’ involved. We have to choose. We all have to make a choice in which direction we want to move. 

In the past we have learned to make choices based upon the desires from the outside world. Pleasing the parents, the boss, the partner, the neighbor, the child, the friend and so on. In others; pleasing your self is very often positioned at the end of the list. Because overall we haven’t learned to love ourselves. Doing good to others starts with doing good to yourself. Doing good to yourself starts with loving yourself first and foremost. If you don’t recharge after investing energy in someone else, you will not have the energy to do good again. Loving your neighbor starts with loving yourself. 

Very often we became conditioned and limited in our believes from previous lifetimes. Obey your father, obey the priest, obey the law, you are not good enough, your rank is to low, you have to instruct my orders, you don’t deserve this, etcetera etcetera. In this lifetime you have brought with you some of those limiting believes. Here you are, resonating with vibrations of fear and chaos. Because you have experienced this before fear is rising and you have a hard time to choose. 

What you need to overcome the fear is clarity. An akashic reading provides a lot of clarity and healing. As soon as it is clear what caused the fear, awareness over this issue will assist in releasing it. Healing words spoken from love will resonate in the heart and give solace to the soul. New choices can be made and the step to bravery and courage isn’t that big anymore. 

Do your self a favor and book a reading. Many others have felt the comfort of knowing. You deserve this too. From there it is easier to let in the light. 

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