A heartfelt world

The world is in a turmoil, no news here. What is needed and where a lot of people are looking for is a clear story to understand what is going on now-a-days.

To create clarity I need to tell something about the chakras. Our chakra system is part of our energetic body. Invisible for most of us. Yet, undeniable there and more and more people start to feel this system and become aware of it. That itself is beautiful. Because now you can work with it. But that is a different story for another time.
We have seven main chakras. There are more. In this blog I focus on some of the main chakras.
All chakras are involved in all kind of processes in our life. Physical, emotional, mental and energetically.

I will define a few, so it gives you an impression how this works.
The root chakra represents safety, security, food, money, survival, matter. Simply stated the root chakra represents: “I am”.
The second one is called the sacred chakra. It regulates all the liquids in our body, it stands for creativity, flow, movement and the male and female energies. It represents: “I feel”.
The third chakra is known as the solar plexus. This chakra is about strength, power, ego, manipulation, manifestation, will power. It represents: “I want”.
The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. This chakra reflects connection, love, harmony, freedom, balance and nature. This one represents: “I connect”.

Chakra development
When you look at life since birth and observe the growth of an infant you will see the development as explained above. Every chakra needs approximately seven years to develop. Within those seven years each chakra is also highlighted in just one out of those seven years.
The first year the child is only focused on food, love and security. It will thrive if that is abundantly available. Sense of self as “I am” is developing and the physical body is growing the most.
From the second life year forward the toddler starts to create an inner world and an outer world. It learns to differentiate you and me. In the third year the will is developing. The child is expressing this stadium in a loud yes or no. Always the opposite of what the parent wants. By the time the child reaches the age of four years old it is ready to play with other kids in harmony. It is ready to share it’s toys and willing to connect.

I leave the explanation of the chakras until here. It helps to get an understanding of what is going on in the world around you. There is a macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos. What is out there is within you, what is within you it is out there. Everything reflects everything.

There has been a time on earth humans lived from the food provided by mother nature. As soon as the food was finished locally, the tribe moved to a new place to find new resources to live from. Nobody owned a piece of land. In fact, the tribe was living in the now, from the “I am”. Trusting nature and knowing somewhere would be new pastures to live from. Thousands of years people lived this way. We can say humanity lived from root chakra and living in the now.

Than a new period started. Every period became shorter in time. Something the Mayans knew and told about.

New discoveries
The period after the “I am” was new in many ways. Humanity discovered grain and learned to stay and live in one place. Because planting grain would create new amounts of food every year, the urge to move from one place to the other vanished. Ownership started. The ‘me versus you’ society.
The first signs of separation. Here we see the sacral chakra dominant.

Again, after thousands of years a next fase arrived. This was the time of the solar plexus energy. Here we see the beginning of suppression, power and control, the dominant male-energy, ego, manipulation, dictatorship to call a few. This was the time the patriarchal world started and therefor the suppression of the female energy. (Please understand me well: I am not talking about man and women. I am speaking of male and female energy.) All this started before Christ.

Do you start to understand our world now-a-days? We live in the last period of the solar plexus and moving towards the heart chakra on a planetary level. We are supposed to live from our heart space now. It is time to leave the male dominated society behind and live in harmony, in love, in appreciation, in joy, in balance and above all in connection with each other. Old dominant male energies are still out there, trying to manipulate us and trying to separate us. We have to step up and unite. Live from our hearts and find common ground.

Humanity is going through all kind of stages in their lives. So does mother earth. She also is developing. As said: as above as below. The difference here is mother earth needs more time to move from one stage to the other. We as humans live in a shorter timespan.
Despite the friction, the separation and the attempt to keep us suppressed, so many new initiatives are out there. People start to unite, to share, to help each other, bring in new initiatives housing-wise or related to natural resources, new technologies. The world is in transition, we are in transition. All we have to do is focussing on the heart and live from there. Love is the thriving force.

What to do?
So, now what? As you can read this is a collective process. We are all in here together. If you have difficulties in your day-to-day life find likeminded people. Start to connect your self with others. If that is hard, connect to nature, go out there, hug a tree, see the beauty of mother earth, listen to the birds, the waves of the ocean, the wind in the trees. Breathe in and out. Breathe into your heart space and out again, again and again. Put your hands on your heart, feel it, connect to it, breathe into it. Appreciate your self, give your self compliments every day. Smile to someone else, just because you can. Bake some cookies and share them. Find something to laugh about every day, a funny sit-com for instance.
We are moving towards our hearts as a collective. Reach out and help each other to get there. We will find the peace, the harmony, the love, the joy in there.
In case you need some support, guidance or input: please approach me. A coaching call is set up easily. With or without the akasha records.
Stay grounded and appreciate yourself.

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