The Greatest State of Being

What is it? Why are so many people searching for this subject en how do you get there? 

Without getting to esoteric, this is a great subject to lay on the table. Because it approaches our true being really close. We all desire to be there, in that state of mind. 

Let me make it personal, so you can relate to it. 

As a child preferably you grow up in a safe environment. I did. I had loving parents, protecting me where I needed to be protected and letting me go where they thought I could handle the situation. I felt safe (I thought), I felt protected (I thought) and played like a child should play. 

Despite the love, protection and feelings of safety, my parents could not prevent me from one of the hardest experiences a woman can experience in her life, what to say as a child. 

As a child I was sexually abused by my grandfather. As a child I knew how to hide this very well. I tucked it away, deep into my body, hoping it would never come to the surface. Even though Readers like Aura Readers and so on pointed it out to me and always I told them they were wrong. Absolutely convinced I was right. These experiences happend to many others, but not to me. I thought. How naive. 

Throughout adult life I always had belly pain. I had a hard time to feel safe about sexuality or fully enjoy it. I did not appreciate my body. I knew how to place myself on a distance towards a man. Until I was in relationship with my husband. That felt safe right from the beginning. I could be myself and I thrived in our relationship. Until I felt something was coming up, undeniable, not able anymore to reject it.  In an instance I remembered my youth, my childhood and I had a clear picture what had happened between me and my grandfather. 

Being a therapist myself for many years by than, I had great colleagues working with reincarnation therapy. So I booked a session with a colleague to make sure this issue was not going to stick any longer. What was unfolding during that session was magnificent. After expressing my anger in a furious way and scolding my grandfather, after I was calmed down and the pain released through tears I could see my grandfather lacked so much love as a child himself. All he did was taking love from me in a very disputable and disgusting way. 

I also could see he had a soul agreement with me. 

From a souls perspective I had agreed to set him free in this lifetime. He was abusive in previous lifetimes and not able to release his behavior. As a soul I agreed to forgive him so he could forgive himself and set himself free. During the session I heard myself saying: “I forgive you”. From that moment on the room flooded with light and he left. Until that moment I always felt a ‘presence’ around me, not able to grasp who or what it was. Now I knew, it was the soul of my grandfather, waiting for the moment to set him free.

What a relieve this was. Knowing I was liberated, but also knowing he was liberated, brought me in the greatest state of being. I felt gratitude, I felt free, I was who I was, I am who I am. 

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool to create healing on so many levels. Forgiveness brings us to the greatest state of being. 

An Akasha reading clarifies the cause of an issue in life. It tells the story and shows the map of the souls journey. The healing force is forgiveness. 

Do you need forgiveness? Contact me and together we will make the journey. It is such an act of healing on a soul level. For you, for everyone involved. We all need forgiveness and we all need to forgive. If we want to raise our frequenties and get to the greater version of ourselves we have to forgive. Don’t hesitate any longer. It is time, time to move forward. 

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