Creating Heaven on Earth

Sometimes it is hard to love your self. Sometimes it is hard to love another. 

In the world we live in right now is so much fear. Based upon the fear we try to survive and in the battle of surviving we start to judge as an attempt to clarify the world around us. We all do, we all try to understand what is going on. 

Judgement is leading to duality. We judge all the time. As soon as we see something there is a judgement. We like it, or not, we love it or not, we want it or not etc etc. Duality is part of this world. We cannot live without it. There is day and night, there is the sun and the moon, there is sadness and joy, the list is endless. The challenge in all this is to understand it from a perspective without judgement. Let me give an example. 

You leave your house to go to your job. The sun is shining and you walk out the door without a raincoat. At the end of the day when you return home it is raining. You can blame yourself for not bringing an umbrella or a raincoat. You can also see it as something funny and walk in the rain, simply enjoy it and knowing at home there is a warm shower and dry clothes. 

You see, you can judge and discern something as bad or you choose to challenge yourself and make a play out of it. The outcome will be the same: coming home soaked. The journey will be totally different depending about the judgement. 

This is going on in our lives in general. We always can make a choice. We can take a stand and judge someone or something, we can make the choice to investigate before we judge. 

We all want to live in peace. The world is not in peace right now. We can feed to it choosing for duality and judge this person is good and that person is bad. Or we observe, stay centered and step into our heart, spread some love and light into this world. 

My teacher Lisa Barnett received from her Akasha Masters beautiful prayers and she wrote them in her book: ‘From Questioning to Knowing’. 73 prayers to transform your life. 

Here is a prayer I like to share. You can read it out loud every day, to feel the peace within and creating heaven on earth. 

Prayer of Creating Heaven on Earth

As I integrate the power of the soul with the power of the body I am able to manifest with ease and grace here on Earth. I am a Creator Being with a purpose. I am creating Heaven on Earth now.

I wish you all a peaceful life. 

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