Soul Progress

The soul purpose is shifting because of new times and events on the planet. We are all part of this transition, conscious or unconscious. Our soul has chosen to be here now and to play our part in this. Maybe you play your part as a nurse, maybe you play your part as a distance-healer, maybe you play your part as a minster. Maybe you play your part as a cab driver. What ever it is you do, you are here in the turmoil of this world. 

Soul Contracts

Soul purpose is the plan the soul came with to this earth, to live it out. 

Our soul contract is not about just one thing, it is about so many things, subjects, themes and experiences. Life it self is our purpose and the soul brings in so many chances to work out parts of that purpose. 

There is always a plan in the craziness of our lives, how hard that life might be.  

The beauty of the Akashic records are the wisdom and the knowingness why we have made those contracts and what to do with it. 

Soul Evolution

Wondering about your soul evolution is going to help you to understand the lessons you took on here on the planet. Diving into your Akashic field is helping you to understand what your journey here on earth is all about. You will get directions, old wounded parts might get healed, clear understandings of what really took place in a past life can help you to understand why you faced certain difficulties. 

It is about moving forward with ease and grace because when you understand the souls purpose and contracts you will understand yourself so much better as the eternal soul you are, the divine being having an experience here on the planet. 

Change of Contracts

So, are we able to reset our soul purpose? Can we change our contracts? 

Yes, we can. Going into the record and finding the wounds there we can heal it from the now into to past. As soon as a wound has been healed it is ready to be released, to let go off and regain new directions. Through the healing the old pains are understood and learned. 

The akasha records are a multi-dimensional field. All is there, the past, the now and the future. Multi-dimensionality doesn’t make any distinction between time and there is certainly no linear time line. As soon as an old pattern, an old life lesson or experience has been healed, the future has changed. It will not being needed to go through that life experience again, therefor the future will not hold that pattern any longer. That is what we call: ‘soul progress’. 

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