How to heal the world part 3

I like to offer in this last part on ‘How to heal the world’ suggestions, options and ways to heal old wounds. Some practical steps for your support. 

As said before: we are all wounded somewhere along the time line. Many of us have been here on the planet over and over again. During every incarnation we choose to learn lessons, to have experiences and to finish unfinished karma. Bare here in mind: karma only means certain contracts have not yet been finished. It is not a system of punishment what so ever. It is a great way to solve open endings. 

Courage to heal

For all of us healing asks courage. We must be willing to face the past and learn from it. When a female has experienced painful situations like abuse, incest, rape etcetera, the first response will be pushing the pain aside, pretending nothing happend, because she wil feel shame, guilt and lots of sadness. The shame and guilt will hold her back to speak about it. This is a very big obstacle to heal, because she cannot talk about it. Because she cannot talk about it, she will push it away in the furthest chamber of her memory and most likely it will be placed in te ‘forgotten’ area. As a result behavior like I wrote about in part one and two will appear. 

The first steps

What can she do? How can she help her self? 

As always awareness is key. The first step she needs is getting clarity and to become aware. It is not always easy to become aware on your own. That is why it is so important and very helpful to receive an Akashic Reading. The Akashic Masters will tell the true story. They will explain why certain painful things happend in previous life times or this one. The Masters  will explain who was involved in such a drama and what the soul needs to take from this experience. What was the reason, what have been the soul contracts between the humans involved in this drama. This is the first step to heal. Clarity helps to see the direction we have to take, so soul-healing can finally take place. 

During a reading the Akashic Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light not only guide the person, also they heal during the reading, so the old wounds will become whole again. From their field they bring in the love, the light and wisdom, needed to understand the contracts. 

I want to emphasize every human on earth has painful experiences. Every one of us carries around the heavy bricks of past events, unhealed, unseen or unresolved. Because the earth starts to become enlightened we have the great opportunity to heal our selves with the help and support of our Masters. They are here to assist us and to bring us to higher grounds. All we have to do is taking their outstretched hand. 

As a first support I like to offer you a prayer. It is a prayer received from the Akashic Masters and Beings of Light by Lisa Barnett. Her book is called: “From Questioning to Knowing”, full of healing prayers. I recommend it. 

Prayer for healing Abuse 

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I am filled with the Divine light and my soul connects more deeply into my body as I acknowledge this truth. 

I know on many levels the trauma and pain I have experienced in this life time and others and now I choose to release the pain from every cell of my body. 

I walk away from the old story and choose a new path to happiness. 

I know the people involved in my story are truly Divine souls at their core and I am now able to move into my  heart and feel a pure level of forgiveness for them. 

As I release the painful emotions, I see the memories that arise and I bless them and send them on their way. 

They are no longer my truth. 

I go on my way, following my soul path filled with the love of the Divine. 

So it is. Blessed be.

Please contact me if needed: 

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