Back in Business

Running a business is wonderful. That is to say: as long as the business is successful and making profit. But what if profit stays out, people needs to be fired and find a job somewhere else? What if you just started your own business, full of enthusiasm, hope and creativity and it doesn’t work out? What if you don’t attract enough clients? How many businesses have had a hard time the last couple of years and are on the brink of bankruptcy? 

What is success? 

Being successful; what does it mean? Are you successful because you have a lot of employees? Are you successful because your annual turnover is growing every year? Are you successful because you reach your target every year? Or are you successful because every day you go to your work whistling, singing or with a smile on your face? Are you successful because you were able to help a client for nothing because he or she was broke and needed desperately a small repair for something to be able to get around again? 

Intrinsic factor

We are so accustomed to rate success in figures and numbers. To a bigger house, a bigger car and so on. Of course it is great to have a nice car if you work hard for it. Hence, it is also great if you are able to rate your succes from the inside out and feel the intrinsic factor of loving what it is what you are doing. What I want to express here is the value of success coming from the inside out and not vice versa. In the old energy we measured everything related to the material world. I think it is time to measure success from the inside out. How happy are you with what you do? 

Heal your business

Offering Akashic business readings I like to work with women and small businesses. Because out of experiences I know how difficult it can be for women to ask money overall and to ask enough to build a healthy business. 

In my last blogs I wrote about how to heal the world part 1,2 and 3. In these blogs you can read about the wounded female energy and how this is effecting the world within and without. 

Because the female energy was suppressed, it is even now-a-days hard for women to stand up for her self and ask what she needs and deserves. That is one of the reasons a female business grows slower overall as a business run by a man. That doesn’t mean I reject male businesses, asking for a reading. On the contrary, they are most welcome. I can say out of experience they are afterwards very happy with a reading. 

The soul of your business

And what counts for both type of businesses is the message of the soul of the business. What is this message? Do you know? Do you know why you, your soul was called by the soul of your business? Do you know what is holding you back of being successful? Do you want to know how to draw in the fitting customer or client? 

Being a female and business owner why is it so difficult to ask the correct price for your service or product? Where is your focus and what should be your focus? Do you have business strategies in alignment with the soul of the business and your soul? These and so many more questions can be addressed during a business akashic Reading.   

As a result clarity is unfolding, your focus will be clear and your actions planned out. I am guiding you for a couple of sessions, finding together the mission of your business’ soul and work out a solid plan to make progress. Feelings of overwhelm will be gone, the joy of running your business will return and coming with that: your newly found success. 

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