Clearing out the old

We are entering a new era, a new dimension, a new time. As often: to start something new it is important to remove the old, clean out remnants of a previous time. 

Old and new stuff

Imagine you are building a new house. It is going to be beautiful. When the time arrives you can move in, do you bring your old stuff, stuff that needs to be repaired? Do you bring in the old garbage, old furniture or filthy rugs? Most likely you will not. You will have your furniture cleansed or if it is too far from repair you will let it go and look for something new and fitting. 

This example is the same for us now, in the times we live in. We are at the threshold of a new era, a new paradigm and a new way of living here on earth. To start that new way of living we need to let go of the old, let go of all what isn’t fitting anymore. We are doing this as a collective and as an individual. 

Release collective

In the collective field we see we have to release suppression and violence. We have to become aware all of humanity wants to live in peace, wants to live in harmony and wants to be happy. To do so, it is important to choose. Choosing for new laws, for new ways of growing food, new ways of dividing wealth, health and prosperity. And so on. (There is so much to heal) 

Respect each other from a human level is important. We do heal our selves and others by doing so. Foreignness is key. Most of all: forgive your self. (This will be a subject for another blog)

Release old karma

From an individual point of view it is also very important to release old karma. Again, karma is not a way of punishment, karma is a way of finishing unfinished business. We all bring in experiences from previous life times. To step up in our consciousness and move forward into the new era, we have to release old karmic patterns and look at the lessons we wanted to learn from it. 

Let me give you a personal example. 

About 20 years ago I had health issues. It was pretty serious and I knew there was an important lesson in all of this. So I booked a session with a reincarnation therapist. I got back into a lifetime around 1000 years ago. In that lifetime I was with my mom and my sister. In that particular lifetime they were depending on me. Because I was killed and not being able to take care of them any longer I developed a huge feeling of guilt, bringing it with me in this lifetime. From childhood on I was taking care of them. Make sure they were fine, happy, protected, assisted and so on. In fact I was boundless towards them. Until I was getting sick. I knew this was related to taking care of them, not having healthy boundaries and not taking care of myself, instead, focussing on their wellbeing. 

Life lessons

This was a very important life lesson. I knew I had to put myself first, if I wanted to stay alive. It took me sleepless night and so much anxiety to let them know I had to take care of my self. Despite my inner fear and anxiety they absolutely understood what I was saying and of course, they were willing to support me this time. I was able to release this karma by choosing for my own wellbeing and create healthy boundaries. 

This is a way of releasing karma. It is about a process of inner growth, of become aware of who you truly are, what you are doing here on the planet and why you live the life you do right now. 

Using the Akashic Fields and communicate with the Akashic Masters and Beings of Light. It so relieving to hear their wisdom and advice. This is why it is so important to consult a Akashic Reader. For clarity, for understanding, for insights, directions and answers. 

Don’t hesitate and book your session with a Reader.

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