Speaking about feelings

For many of us it is so hard to speak about our personal feelings. Why do we experience so many feelings throughout our daily lives and yet, it is so hard to express them in words? 

Our lower chakra’s are the energy centers were we most of all experience emotions and store them. The  base chakra is related to survival, safety, trust, fear and money. The second or the sacral chakra is related to creativity, relationships, sexuality, quilt. The third chakra known as the solar plexus is related to ego, power, manipulation, manifestation. 

I wrote about the chakras already in the past. This article was related to the chakras and the unfolding of the awareness related to the earth. Please read the article for a better understanding.  https://akashicreading.online/2021/11/11/a-heartfelt-world/ 

On a personal level this works the same. 

Childhood experiences

As you can read there are so many topics related to the lower chakras and therefor related to the first part of a life time. (Lets say the first 21 years) Topics like: not enough money in the family to buy daily fresh food, money issues and not being able to study, even though you are intelligent enough, being a refugee, coming from a war zone and living in survival, bad relationships, misused or sexual assaulted, to much or to less ego, being manipulated, feeling unworthy, and so on. All these type of experiences create a lot of painful memories. The painful memories are filled with emotions. Overall we tend to push those emotions deep down in our system, ignoring the memories and leave it like that. 

Blocking away becomes a neurological pathway

Our brain becomes wired to the system of blocking away painful memories. And as such it creates a neurological pathway by responding over and over again in the same way and in certain situations. Ignoring, until…….. 

Imagine you are on a party, having initially a good time. Then something happens. Let’s say a couple is having a fight. The way they react to each other during that fight is exactly the same way your parents fought, before they got divorced. In a blink of an eye you are back in your childhood memories and all the feelings so preciously stored away rise to the service and they make you cry.  With that is coming an old, yet familiar pain in the stomach. During your whole life your stomach starts to hurt as soon as you are around people who fight. You never understood where the pain was coming from. Now you start to remember. 

Emotions are the conduit for deeper information

In this example you start to see the emotions are the conduit for deeper information coming from the soul. It is our soul who let us know through emotions what it needs or what it wants to experience. In this case the soul most likely wants to learn how to deal with conflicts. That is part of the life lesson. As long as we suppress our feelings, the lesson is not learned. As soon as we start to listen to those feelings, the soul makes a little pirouette of joy. Finally it starts to become understood. So it is very important we humans have emotions. Because that is the language of the soul. Through these emotions we feel we are on the right path (joy will be experienced, happiness if profoundly present) or pain is showing up, letting us know a lesson needs to be learned. 

The compassion and love from the Akashic Masters

Of course it can be very challenging to face those emotions. That is why it is so wonderful to go into the Akashic Field. Because the Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light are so compassionately present. They love us and want to be of assistance for us. With their gentle love and guidance we will be able to understand the story behind the pain and accept it. Understanding the history of what had happened makes it easier to release the painful memories. 

The love from the Akasha Masters helps us to release, to heal, to understand, to let go. From that moment forward the lessons have been learned and karma has ended. 

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