Business in progress

There is a huge difference between a new business and a current company what is running for a while. 

When you have a running business, overall you know what it is you want and in what direction you want to go with your company. 

Starting a business is something different. You have to figure out so much: what will be your best way to promote your self, where do you want to be five years from now, who is your ideal client? So many questions you have to figure out. 


In general your approach of your business is coming from a material standpoint. You want to make enough profit so you can pay the bills. Business bills and private bills. To do so you need to achieve a certain amount of revenue. This can give pressure. Absolutely in the beginning stages of developing your business. Because you still need to find enough clients. You must also be willing to take a risk. That can be a lonesome position. Are you making the right decisions? Is it ok to invest more money? So many questions and choices must be answered and made. 


Also for an existing business it can be tough to step up. Because it can be easy to maintain the existing flow, even though you’re not inspired anymore and a change would be more than welcome. But how are you going to make that change? Can you do it on your own of do you need support from a business partner of colleague? 


What if you can see your company as a living entity? As something with a soul? What if your company is here with a mission? Did you ever considered this? If you do so, it gives a whole different perspective to your business. You start to see you can relate to your business. If you can relate to it, you can ask it questions. Questions like: what is the mission of this business? Why am I running this business? What do I need to learn or develop from this business? What is the goal of this business? Let me make this very practical. 


The other day I had a business client for a reading. During the first session we discovered the business wanted to experience more spirituality within the running business. This was in alignment with one of the owners. He also felt the need to bring in more spiritual awareness. The common thread of the business was flexibility. During the second session again the common thread was visible. This was a company who needs flexibility to flourish. Also the employees need flexibility. The core value in this case is openness and transparency. 


During the third session a useful tool came up. This company needs to do a weekly exercise together. Empowering a colleague by giving them a complement, tell every one what they have experienced as something real positive the past week and tell everyone what he or she needs on a personal level, within the company.

A small exercise, it takes just a couple of minutes and it brings huge results. Everyone feels more seen and heard, they connect and more transparence is present. The business is thriving again. In fact: three more employees are recently hired. 

Thanks to the information coming from the Akasha Field of the business clarity is provided and given. New ways of growth are present.

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