Too enthusiastic, really?

Most of my clients have a business. That can be everything. From a crystal shop to a speech therapist. From a beauty consultant to a health therapist and so many other different companies. 

What they all have in common is the love for their business and the passion they run it with. 

Because the love for their business is that big, many owners invest all their time in that business. Do you recognize that?


I know this myself all so well. It was my pitfall too. I used to work 6 days a week. I made long days and had hardly time to relax. My life existed out of: meditation, work and sleep. (Luckily I meditate, that helped me pull through.)

After ten years I really got overwhelmed and at the brink of a burnout. That felt weird. Running a business I loved, feel passion for my business yet also the endless tiredness. 


I knew I had to change something, if I wanted to stay healthy and thriving. Luckily I found a great coach who helped me to clarify what was going on. The real issue here were my boundaries. In this case: overall none. When I was teaching (in general from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon) I told my students during the breaks my office door would be open. They could walk in and ask their questions or what ever input they needed. Literally there was no boundary. Indeed, the door was wide open. 

I started to realize if I wanted to keep my business running, I needed self-care. Setting boundaries is self-care. ‘Close the door’ was what I needed to do. Say ‘no’ every so often to others and ‘yes’ to myself. At least I had an hour to recharge if I closed the door. After that break I could be present for the students again. Even today I have to ‘close the door’ every so now and then. 


Take a look at your self if you run a business. How many hours do you spent on your business? How many hours do you have to recharge? Are you still in alignment with the soul of your business? Is this what your business wants you to do? Thanks to the input of my Akasha Masters I was able to make a huge change and move my business into a different direction. One of the biggest shifts is ‘me-time’. That is also what I notice when I do business readings with my clients. Overall there is no ‘me-time’ and the batteries start to die. To get ‘me-time’ I have to schedule my agenda. I have to block time for myself on a regular base and let nobody take over that time. It was a lesson in boundaries for me. 


How does overwhelm presents itself?

In general we become tired, but still up and running. Some start to procrastinate, some feel fear or anxiety. Some loose the love of their business. These are signs of not feeling the boundaries and a lack of balance between work-time and relax-time. It can be so helpful to have a hold, look at your life again from a different angle. See yourself as a good friend and observe the life of that good friend. What would you give him or her for an advise? What is it you want to make the person clear of? This can be the beginning of an important awareness. Maybe it is time to schedule an Akashic Reading, to receive the best input ever for you and your business. In general changes can be made in small steps. Sometimes it helps to create a to-do list and work through it throughout the day or week. A manageable to-do list and work just through it step by step. 

Honor your self, ask for guidance and feel the passion again for your entrepreneurship. 

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