Forward, backward, left or right

Do you feel a threat every so often? Are you anxious? Do you still love your job? Do you feel free or imprisoned in the society we all live in together now-a-days? 

Isn’t it chaotic every so now and then or maybe even all the time in your life? Please do me a favor: take a seat in case you read this standing up. Please sit down and take a deep breath. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Have your eyes closed. (Hm, here it becomes tricky……….. reading with you eyes closed, ha, ha.) 

So read the whole blog first and come back to the instructions. 


Close your eyes and breathe. Slowly, gentle, softly, yet deep. Do this a couple of times. Can you feel in your mind more peace and calmness? Imagine how you want to feel the rest of your day. Maybe it is: more secure. Imagine your self in a golden egg, or maybe the thought of a vault is giving you a sense of safety. Feel it you are in it. Feel the protection and release all the fear you just felt. 

Now let’s go to the next step. 

Release your emotions

Most likely there will be a release of an emotion. As soon as you start to feel safe, you feel the fear  from the moment before of not feeling safe. Yes, allow your self to release it. Cry, shed your tears, maybe you want to be hold, maybe you need to talk, maybe you just need to be alone. Feel what you need and get it. After a while (this can be short or a bit longer) you will start to feel peace again. You will feel the comfort of your body, the presence of a love one or the silence of your own company. Embrace it, inhale it and let it be. 

This exercise you can apply every time you feel insecure. As soon as there is a feeling of anxiety, stop with whatever it is you are doing and take the first deep breath. Let the exercise unfolding and feel the effect it has on you. 

Fear and adapted fear

Why, you wil wonder, it this so important? Why do I have to do this? We all live in this chaotic world. We all feel fear. We all pass it on to each other. It is important to become aware of your own fears and those you have adapted from the environment. As soon as you sit down, as soon as you start to breathe, you will feel the difference between your emotions and those you adopted. The awareness of this will help you to release even faster what isn’t yours. 


As soon as you take a deep breath you are in the now moment. There is no past, no future, just this moment. Do you have a problem is this moment? Is your life threatened just now? Most likely not. Realize this: as long as you are able to breathe you are alive. As long as you are alive you will have the opportunity to choose. You can choose for fear or you can choose for peace, inner peace, outer peace. There is always, yes always a choice. The choice to hold on to fear-based situations or the choice of stepping out those situations. Maybe not immediately, maybe a day, a week or a month later. But do know: there is a choice. You can choose to feel empowered or you can allow someone else to take your power away, You can look to what it is you have in life or you can look for what you don’t have. 

Support system

The time we live in is changing the earth in a rapid pace. The frequenties are rising. This process is influencing everyone and everything. Again: we have a choice. Yes, also in these processes. Do we choose love or do we choose hate and separation? Do we choose harmony and connection or do we split up communities, countries and parts of the world? Do we speak our truth or do we lie? Do we honor our fellow human or do we kill them? Do we choose more, more, more of do we choose sharing? Do we respect the planet or do we rob her from all her beauty? 

So, you see, there is always a choice. Whether you run a business, whether you  work in a business, whether you’re healthy or sick, you always do. 

Get your support now

Be aware of a very important support system, also available to you: the Akasha Fields and the Akasha Masters and Beings of Light. They have the wisdom, they have the love, they bring to the forefront what it is you need personally, they are your support troops, they bring in the guidance you need, the clarity, the guide lines and the road map. Rely on them. This time we all live in can be so confusing. Isn’t it magnificent we all have our support system to walk this earth? 

All you have to do is to ask. That is a choice too. 

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