Whats next after Summer

In general a Summer break can be a time of introspection. A time of reflecting the passed year, the results and the succes of your business or job. Very often I receive the best input during my vacations. The distance to my business helps me to look with different eyes and most of all: getting inspired by seeing new horizons, meet new people, taste or smell different flavors. I have a clear picture of what it is I want to continue and what it is I want to change by the time I return home.

New mindset

Change can me small, for instance bringing a fresh green plant in the office. Or a change can be big: cutting off certain activities or start something new. In generals all these changes are significant. They help you to get a new mindset. Whether you run your business or you are an employee. Bringing in something new to your job is shifting energy. Working with energy in your house, your workspace or elsewhere is known as Feng Shui. The Chinese people use it all the time. It can be very interesting to read about this topic. 

Continuing or not

What also might happen during your Summer break is the profound insight you need to apply for a new job or you know deep within it is time to start your business. Or you have an existing business and you have no clue at all what your next step after the well owned and needed vacation has to be. Continuing the way you did? Make a change? A small one or a big one? How do you get clarity to find the right direction? All these questions are very relevant and asking for an answer. 

Old belief systems

The other day I was providing a client with an Akasha Reading. She really felt the need to start her own business and in the same time she doubted herself all the time. Wondering if she had enough qualities to run her business or to continuing a business in case she had already one. Doubting if she could make money and so on. So many fears, questions and hesitation. During the reading we came in a previous lifetime. During that previous lifetime she was a daughter of a well situated family. She wanted to have a job in that lifetime, but it was not aloud. Because a daughter coming from a family from a certain society was not expected to have a job. It was vice versa. She had all kind of people around her who assisted her in her day to day life. 

When she got married her husband didn’t allow her either to have a job. Both her father and her husband told her she wouldn’t be able to work. She would not have physical capacities to be active and have a job of any kind.

The memory of this previous lifetime created a limited belief and it sticked to her soul and her cell memory. Every time in her current life where she attempted to start her business, she fell back in that old belief system and stopt taking action. During the reading her Akasha Masters gave her a healing to restore the believe in her own personal qualities. Releasing the old energies helped her tremendously. 

Now she can make a start and go forward step by step to achieve her dreams. 

Life lessons

This example shows how necessary it can be to receive a reading. Finding clarity is helping in releasing old belief systems, old doubts and insecurities. Awareness is key to let go off old stuff what doesn’t work any longer. Sometimes it is even a life lesson to aim for those goals who look or feel unreachable. Sometimes a person came to earth with the purpose to break with old paradigms and clear out old patterns. As soon as you know what happend and for what reason you start to understand yourself so much better and new choices can be made. 

I love to guide you on your personal journey and find the clarity, the happiness and joy in your life. 

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