Beautiful Being

In the past some of you have received an Akashic Reading from me. I hope it was worthwhile and it helped you greatly to continue your life journey. I hope you received clarity on the map of your presence here on earth, have received a greater understanding of your life and gave you the needed support. 

You may know that I do not only personal readings, but that I also offer business readings to companies. This always pays off a lot. Most owners are happy with the input  they receive because it helps them to understand what the company wants to do here on Earth. 

Just as you as a person have an Akashic field with all information, so does a company. From the 3rd dimension and linear thinking we assume that we as the owner of our company should take care of the company. From a higher dimension it can also work the other way around and the company takes care for us. After all, from the energetic field everything is connected to everything. Often the company tells us where we stand and which direction we should go. 

That is a completely different vision from that from the 3rd dimension, aimed at results, profit, turnover and usually material succes. Of course there may be and there is. However, the deepening, connecting and establishing a company with a higher vision together is so much more. That has added value with an intrinsic factor. That’s pure succes. See yourself (and employees, if you work with staff) every day with a big smile, because you know the company is there for you and your customers, that your company helps you to move forward in your life, to understand life better and feel better. 

Surrendering to your company takes courage and confidence. And realize that surrendering to your business also teaches you to surrender to life. Do you want to know the direction of your company? Do you want to know what your company can bring you? Do you want to experience the synchronicity of yourself, your company and possibly your employees? Then book a set of business readings. In 3 sessions you will learn so much about your company and what it is doing here. Which direction it should go. Perhaps this is something for your own company. And don’t you have a business but do you know someone who does? Then pass on this information. Let the other know what it has done to you and what it can mean for the other. After all, during a reading a healing also takes place. Everything that is healed can be released. This is how we clear ourselves, this is how we clear the collective field, so that more light can be absorbed and we can embrace the new world.

Thank you for taking the time and read this message. And thank you for spreading the word. 

Together we create a new world and live in love.

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