Feather mattress

Some of you may know, most of you will not, but I am an ordained minister. Since 2006. Occasionally I officiate weddings. I love to do that, to stay in tune with the couple to be wed, focus on them and bring their light into the world. 

Most of all I am the energetic healer, the Akashic reader and maybe as such you can say: the spiritual coach. I love my job and it makes me really happy when I give a great reading totally in synchronicity with the universe and the recipient. 


As an ordained minister I receive newsletters from the Universal Brotherhood Movement, through which I am ordained. Recently the Fall edition ‘felt’ in my email-box. There was a piece of text what really stirs me and I feel so much the same. But am I able to live up to it? This is the theory: 

“I have a ‘feather mattress’ theory. Most people like their theory firm. Mine supports me, enfolds me, comforts me. Others may punch at it but they meet no resistance. My ‘feather mattress theory absorbs life with non-judgment and unconditional love.”

Life without judgment

The last words are most important to me. To absorb life with no judgement, no bias, no prejudice. That is not always easy. So often we reflex on the very first sight, the first looks, the first words and so on. Coming with that judgement it is hard to go back to objectivity. The picture is already there. In that moment I need my ‘feather mattress’. 

To get there I go into my Akashic records. I ask my own Masters and Beings of Light where these disturbing emotions or judgmental ideas are coming from. I always receive great input and wise words. Immediately I will understand why I was responding to a situation or a person the way I did. The understanding gives peace of mind. I can come to forgiveness and all the restless emotions in my system are gone. 


The beauty of the Akashic Masters and Teachers is; they are not judgmental at all. They are only love, only wisdom. They always present their input in such a way it is comprehensive and the love is very undeniable. 

Awareness is key in life. So often we respond to situations and circumstances from our conditioned ego or from a wounded ego. As soon as we realize where those emotion come from or are related too, a softness appears. That is creating space. Space is needed to release pain, anger, frustrations and so on. That is the beginning of feeling my ‘mattress’ again. I am grateful for my ‘feather mattress’. 

info@theaboven.com in case you want to schedule an appointment with your Akashic Masters. 

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