Yes or no, I do or I don’t

Recently I had a client for an Akashic Reading. Again I was touched by the words of light, clarity and the gentle nudges given to the person who requested this reading. The Akashic Masters and Teachers are always coming from a space of love, yet, they put the finger on the sore spot. Not rude, not rough, no, always gentle and always coming from a space of love and respect. 

So they did during this particular reading. The person came with a question why it took her so long to find the partner she was looking for. She also was looking for another job, in fact, she wanted to start her own business, but was doubtful and she questioned were to start. So much hesitation, so much insecurity, at least it looked liked that. 


During the reading we came upon a theme what was really soul related. Her soul came into the world with a plan. She however, ignored the plan and procrastinated her path. She was holding herself back and delayed her life’s journey. Simply because she was afraid to embrace her journey. 

This is not a rare thing. We all procrastinate, doubt and delay our goals. Simply because we have been conditioned to listen to someone or something outside of us. We were prompted to obey, to listen, to follow the directions from someone else. We have not learned to listen to our inner calls. Our inner call is filled with joy and happiness. But what if you choose the path of joy and happiness, what if you follow your inner guidance and directions? Is that ok? Are you aloud to do so? 

Fear of disobeying

It is the fear of disobeying, of ignoring the outer instructions what gives us the hesitation. We still want approval, so we start to inquire with other people. “What if……., what do you think? Shall I….., is it ok………?” And so on. But what is the result of it? 

In this situation it was the same. She was waiting for approval to move ahead of her souls journey. But because she wasn’t able or didn’t gave herself the permission, her soul was not able to play out the contract. Because she procrastinated other souls were put on hold as well. Her designated partner was not able to connect with her, because she walked besides her soul path. The souls she signed a contract with to be her future children were not able to reincarnate with her, because she was holding back. All she needed to do was saying a convinced ‘YES’, a strong ‘yes’ to her journey on earth and her soul contract and it all can be played out. Including her heart desires. 

Control versus freedom

The story of this brave woman is not just the only one. In fact we are all in this as a collective. We all feel the need to break free, to step into our power and listen to our own inner guidance and act accordingly. We all feel the transition, the change of the planet within our selves and around us. But nothing will happen if we stay in the process of ‘listen to the leader’ and follow the controlled path. We all are here by soul contract and we all came in at this precious time. As long as we procrastinate, as long as we hesitate and doubt nothing is going to change. As soon as we step forward and become our inner leader, we will feel the power and we will be propelled to a better world, a nicer and happier world. 

To support you all I add a prayer coming from the book: “From Questioning to Knowing” by Lisa Barnett. A book full of prayers to support us in our daily life. Read the prayer out loud for a few weeks and feel the effect. I wish you so much bravery. 

Prayer to release the fear of the unknown

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, this life has offered me many opportunities for growth and I accept this as my soul path.

Please help me to release any fear I have of the unknown so I may move forward now with ease. 

So it is. Blessed Be.

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