Passion for your clients

I am running a business for many years now. The first couple of years I never thought of my clients as ‘passioned’. I was passioned about my practice, how I would be able to present myself as a therapist, how to draw in more clients. Specially the last part: ‘how to draw in more clients’ was a recurring theme for me. To me every person felt as a potential client and every so often I felt the need to approach a human in a store and let them know I would be their ideal therapist. No, I did not, believe me. I knew my boundaries. But just for the picture to illustrate my need for clients. 

They kept coming back

As always in life: wisdom comes with age was true for me too. I noticed when I had clients they didn’t want to leave overall. They kept coming and coming. That sounds good doesn’t it? It was not. 

I was an Energy Medicine therapist working with many modalities. So I energized my clients during every session and they left my office very happy in the knowing they had a new appointment for a next session of drawing in new energy. At the end of the week I was drained. 

My teachers

These clients were my teachers in a very good way. They showed me my boundlessness. It was not them, it was me who provided them with a space to take. 

I have learned my lesson and realized it was important for me to define my clients I really wanted to work with. So I did. 

That was the first time I started to think about my ideal client. A client I could feel passion for. I wanted a client who felt motivated to heal themselves with my support. Those who realized they had to do the job and make changes in their life for example. The client who is willing to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, the client who dares to step in their power and move forward in life. Those clients made me look forward to the next appointment with them, eager to hear about their progress and growing awareness. The expanded joy I felt over these clients made my energy level high and vivid energy levels automatically drew in more clients. 

Define your ideal client

I know there are different readers of my blog with a business. I like to invite you all to define your ideal client. What makes you exited about them? Do they hone in to your skills the most? Do they value your knowledge and expertise? Are they purpose driven and motivated? Do you love to work for big clients of maybe for the starter of a small business? 

Make your own analyzes and write down what these kind of clients do to you. If you know which clients make you passionate, you know where to focus on. Now you can go to a network meeting and make your self known as the one who can best help them. Relate your story to their world. 

Network meetings

I used to introduce myself during network meetings as an Energy Healer. What happend? A totally empty gaze. My introduction didn’t had any impression and after 5 seconds people moved on. But when I introduced myself as the Energy Healer with an expertise in rheumatism and migraines, I got immediately response and questions. Because most of them knew about a person with rheumatism or migraines. A chat had started and business cards exchanged. Now I was on their profile, because I shifted my story just a bit and related to their world. 

Touch their heart

In case you know your ideal client it will be easier to find them, because due to your passion you will be able to touch their heart and convince them you want to work with them. This will bring you more clients. And if you still have doubts, a bit insecure about your type of clients or the direction you want to move into, book a business reading for more clarity, more purpose and passion in your business. 

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