Sometimes it is hard to adjust

Today I present you a little different content in my blog. In general I always write about work- and business related issues. Today I like to address something different everybody is involved in. I hope this will support you in these days. What is it? And what is the connection to the Akashic field? 

Major shift

Nobody will deny this planet is in a major shift. We all go through a lot. There is turmoil all over the planet, insecurity, fear, imbalance, riots and so much more. It can be hard to find some stability. 

It can be tough if you cannot talk about your fears, emotions and imbalances. It all makes it harder. 

Then there are souls who are very sensitive. Maybe you are as well. Picking up the fear of someone else, feeling the anger from an other person. Not only picking up on that, but also feeling the intensity of the new energies coming to earth lately. Let me explain that a little bit. 

Macro cosmos-micro cosmos

Everything is energy. Some energies are dense, others are subtle, volatile and etheric. Our body is dense energy, a thought is much more subtle, our energetic field is etheric. But, energy remains energy in what ever way it is. All the emotions we feel lately is energy. Some energies are pleasant (joy, grace, happiness) other energies are heavy and disturbing (anger, hate, fear, quilt). 

This planet is part of a whole system. It’s part of the universe and as such it is a oneness too. Compare it to our body. Our body is a whole system. It is complete. So is the universe. Changes in one part of the body/universe influences overall the whole body/universe. As above, as below, micro-cosmos, macro-cosmos. 

Solar flares

The planet is receiving its information through the central sun of this universe. From the central sun the energies (which is information) goes to the sun. Solar flares, or Solar eruptions, are bringing in the energies from the central sun to the planet. Energy is information. Information is frequency. 

Solar frequencies are influencing the frequencies of the earth, the people and all live on earth. This can be felt by many now a-days. Because a lot of solar flares are reaching the earth right now. You can feel it in your body: maybe because you have a different heart rhythm, maybe you have some head aches lately, you feel exhausted, your focus is not as clear as usual, you have a hard time to sleep or the opposite, you feel the need for more sleep. And the list goes on. All these symptoms are signs of ascension symptoms as they are called. Your body is ascending. That is really a tough job. The nerve system needs to adjust to be able to deal with the higher frequencies, the hormonal system is adjusting just as the organs, bloodstream and so on. Compare it with a digital upgrade of your computer. This process needs energy and to gain more energy you have to take care of your self. 

Fifth dimension

What happens also is the collective move from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension has a much higher frequency as the third. We all are prepared to move on to the higher frequencies. To get there we need to shat old habits, behaviors emotions and thoughts. Sometimes this is not easy either. We feel old emotions, sadness, we might feel old wounds and so on. So be gentle to your self. Be nice, take some rest, make a nice walk in nature, sleep a little longer, eat good food, do what gives you good vibes.

To get in the fifth dimension we have to leave the old and be willing to move to the new. The new is unknown. There is not a path or a sign saying in which direction we have to go. All we have is our inner gut, our intuition, our Higher Self and guides besides us. It is our core essence what moves us into the right direction. Energetically we can find our core essence right below the heart chakra and above the solar plexus. It steers us into higher knowing, on our soul path and it is connected to the fifth dimension. You can say it is the portal for us humans to the fifth dimension. This is the area in your body what is being prepared right now for your next move. So issues in this area is not uncommon at all lately. All meant to clean your system and preparing you on your way. 

Sometimes guidance from your akashic Masters and Teachers can be a great choice to receive input how to get there as easy as possible. We all Live in very exiting and wonderful times. Enjoy the ride.

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