Sometimes I wish………

This sounds like a fairytale. ‘I wish for…., I hope for….., I want…..,’ 

Do you consider yourself to be successful? Or do you want to be successful and you are not there yet? Let’s talk about success. 

What do you consider to be success? Is that a certain amount of money in your bankaccount? Is that a fancy car or a big house? Is that being famous in your neighborhood? Is that lots of followers on your social media platforms? 

Old Paradigm

All the above you can consider as being successful in the old days. With ‘old days’ I mean living in the old paradigm of the third dimension. Everything in the third dimension is related to material live, the more material, the more successful. The economy needs to grow and humanity will thrive.  

Is this still on your wish list or do you redefine succes a bit? Please do understand me well. I am not pleading for poverty, scarcity and debts. I am totally convinced the universe is an endless source of everything we need. Yes, we need a certain amount of revenue to have a worry-free life. 

Personally I consider myself as being successful when I am running my business in a happy way. Success means to me being able to share with someone who is in need, being successful to me is running my business worry-free, being successful to me means also following the flow and arrive precisely were I need/want to be. Successful running my business means leaving my clients with a huge smile on their face and a deep sigh how wonderful all the input was they have received during a reading. Seeing my clients progressing in life is success to me. 


To have this successful feeling I need clients. Last week I spoke about feeling passion for your clients. This week I will continue this subject in a different way. 

There are three ways to grow your success in your business. 

The first way is: add supplemental products. You don’t look for new clients, you just draw in again the existing clients. 

A client of mine has a flower shop. Her specialty is flower arrangements for weddings. So overall her clients come in for this special occasion. Through a Business Akashic Reading she was told to offer her clients after the wedding a weekly  flower arrangement for their house with a reduced rate. She still has the same clients, but now coming in more often. 

The second way is: look at your prices. Are the prices still ok in relationship to the growing expenses like energy costs, rent and the like? For some it can be tough to raise the prices. Make a nice announcement coming with a special offer. It helps you and your clients to ease the pain. 

The third way is: where I spoke about last week. Get out and speak passionately about your business. Maybe you can be a guest speaker on a podcast program, maybe you like to host an ‘Open House’ for a colleague and he/she is hosting you in return. Help each other out in this wonderful way and both of you will have effortless new clients. Be creative, act as colleagues and not as competitors. Together you will achieve more as single handedly. This new paradigm is about together, connecting, helping, supporting. This counts for businesses too. 

So let your heart overflow and success will be running. 

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