Off the grid

Being a healer, reader and naturopath I often tell my clients how important it is to take care of your self, to love your self and to put your self first. (Compare it with the oxygen mask in the plane) 


Truth be told: I have a hard time with that myself. Although I have to admit I become better in this over time. I guess most of us healers and therapists are service-minded, focused on the well being of the other and finally at the end of the line there we are! 


Being an empath there is also something different going on. All empaths (most likely you are one to) are open and sensitive to the energies of this planet and of the humans around you. This can be a gift and sometimes it can be felt as a curse. If you always feel the energies from others and the shift of energy of the planet it can be exhausting and depleting. This is also called: ascension symptoms. Self-care is the most important thing to do in such circumstances. 

What are those ascension symptoms?

First of all you will feel tired and low in energy. You can feel all kind of undefinable aches and pains. Heart palpitation, lack of focus, head aches, back pain, sleeplessness, a ‘sense of being out of place’, intense dreaming, longing for different food, nerve pain and so on. The list goes longer and longer. You don’t have to have it all. Some of us do, others recognize just a few. Never-the-less it can be very tiring to have them. 

Vagus Nerve

Why do we feel these sensations so strong? Everybody on earth is receiving an upgrade so to speak. We all will be wired over time in a different way, along the rising of the planet’s frequenties. It is our nerve system what needs to adjust. This counts in particular to the Vagus Nerve. This is the longest nerve in our body. It innervates with all organs, all chakras, all hormones and all the other branches of the nerve system. The vagus nerve helps us to interact with the outside world and stay balanced where ever needed. But we all have a certain life style now-a-days, a life style full of  stimuli, distraction, not to mention fear all around us. The vagus nerve is making many hours to keep us balanced and sane. Until we ignore our boundaries (do you realize being fatigue is a sign of a boundary?) Because the vagus nerve gets depleted a lot of symptoms will rise to the surfage. It is the body what is doing the job and it is a tough one. 


The best thing to do in situations like this is taking time, sleep a little longer, ignore your cell phone and all the digital input, read a good book, take a walk in nature, do some yoga exercises, meditate, eat a healthy meal and get off the (digital) grid. Seriously: take a digital cleanse. After a week you will feel so much better. Another thing you can do is scheduling an Akashic Reading. A reading helps you to clarify what it is what depleted you and most important; receive a healing during the reading from your Akashic Masters to receive the much needed energies.

So that is what I am going to do right now. Close my laptop, put my phone on flight mode and bundle up with a good book. Talk to you later. 

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