Crossing the Veil

Yesterday I received the news one of my teachers passed away. At the age of 76 he crossed the veil and finds his way into other dimensions. I am deeply honored he was my spiritual teacher and I have learned so much from him. 


It was May 2005 I encountered him for the first time. It was during a seminar in Kailua Kona HI and we shared the elevator at the end of the first seminar day. In the elevator he started to talk to me and told me a lot about myself I could not comprehend that very moment. During the night my mind boggled over his input and the next day he explained a lot more. Bit by bit all the pieces of the puzzle found its place and it was a jaw-dropping moment. In a spilt second I knew so much better who I was and why I was on earth. This was the beginning of my journey with this wonderful man and teacher. 

Of course immediately I started to follow him by participating his classes and teachings. Kahu Fred Sterling was a wonderful teacher and medium for Master guide Kirael. I received so much wisdom from them through books, courses and seminars. The Signature Cell Healing, the Ten Principles of conscious creating were just a few. He absolutely influenced my life for the better. 

Kahu Fred Sterling

I’m sure Kahu Fred Sterling will be able to transition in a very eloquent way. As a medium he was very experienced how to leave his body and make space for Master Kirael. 

As you all might know in your personal Akasha field are many Masters present, many Beings of Light. And yes, there is a small feeling of sadness within me not having Kahu Fred in person here on this earth plane. But I also know most likely he will become a part of my Akashic Field as one of those many Masters and Beings of Light. Because that is how it works. We all are surrounded with masters, guides, angels and beings of light. All we have to do is to call upon them and we will feel their presence and their input. And just in case you doubt your own ability to receive clear input, go to an Akashic Reader and ask them to make the ‘translation’ for you. 

Receiving input

The veils around us are becoming thinner and thinner. We can feel that in our daily lives. Out of the blue we start to pick up information, we can ‘hear or see’, we start to ‘know’ and we feel sure about our feelings. And yes, we all should. Because all those ‘whispers’ are there to guide us into higher dimensions. That is why it is to me such a reassuring feeling to know I have another guide on the other side of the veil. All I have to do is calling out his name, calling out Master Kirael his name and the only thing for me to do is listen and trust the input. One of the reasons why meditation is so important. 

I like to come to a closure with this special blog in honoring my spiritual teacher Kahu Fred by giving you all a prayer of gratitude. This prayer is coming from the wonderful book ‘From Questioning to Knowing’ by Lisa Barnett. It is a beautiful prayer not only in this moment but also for the days of gratitude ahead of us. 

Prayer of Gratitude

Mother, Father, Goddess, god, please fill me to overflowing with the energy of gratitude. 

I am grateful for life, love and wisdom that comes to me in so many different ways.

I recognize the beauty in the small things and feel peace in acknowledging the wonder of life. 

So it is. Blessed be. 

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