Hold on just a little longer

Truth be told, when I read back my blogs and read the one with the title: ‘Off the grid’ I didn’t realize it would all unfold so literally for me. And that is just what it did. Throughout the month of December I have been laying down all day, every day. Finally I was hospitalized and it turned out I have heart issues. So I was forced to calm down, to rest and take a lot of ‘me-time’. Without a doubt I was forced to put myself first. A tough lesson, me always focused on the outside world to support and assist others. 

Feeling boundaries or not

Thankfully I have the support and loving guidance from my Akashic Masters. Thanks to them It dawned on me why all this took place. It is about boundaries, keep in touch with my body and listen to it and finally after so many years off being in service towards others, pick up the responsibility for myself. Love myself enough to sit down with myself, honor myself in all it needs and understand I don’t have to be productive and/or supportive all the time. 

We are creators

The fact is we all create our own reality. There is no exclusion for me. I also create my own reality and it is important to act upon it. Besides, it is very well known we cannot solve a problem with the same way of thinking we’ve created it. To find a new way of thinking we have to observe our old way of thinking. I found out I think this sentence a lot: ‘Hold on just a little longer’. E.g. when I am tired and still do the dishes I tell myself: ‘hold on just a little longer, you can sit down within half an hour’. Why? Why do I need to hold on for myself? 

Limited believes

Our upbringing is usually based on conditioning, habits, customs and so on. I was brought up with parents, grand parents and even great grand parents who always worked. Living on a farm there was always something that needed attention or had to be done. One of the limited believes I was told was this: ‘nobody dies because of working hard’. Now I know this does happen and it is one of the reasons why so  many people have health issues related to stress. See the familiar Burn-out. 

Ancestral lineage

What I see now with the help of my Akashic Masters is the understanding of an ancestral pattern running in my family. My siblings are imprinted the same way. If I don’t heal this pattern I pass it on to my children and my grand children. That is why it is so important to heal our self first. Yes, it needs courage to look at yourself and change old habits, release old patterns and create healthy habits that supports us. With the help of the Akashic Masters we will get there and make big adjustments in our lives. I will add the Prayer for Courage, given by the Akashic Masters through my wonderful teacher Lisa Barnett. You can find her books online. 

I am so thankful I received the input from my Akashic Masters. Don’t hesitate to ask for your self to and schedule an appointment.

I hope you will be inspired to move yourself in a healthy direction. In case you need an akashic Reading please connect me and we set a time and date. info@theaboven.com 

I myself feel tremendous grateful for the love and care I am able to give myself now. 

Prayer for Courage

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, as I stand on this precipice today,

I ask for courage. 

There is a leap of faith that I am being called to take.

Please hold me in your love and let me feel the courage of the divine.

I accept with gratitude this courage and support.

So it is. Blessed Be.

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