Hold on just a little longer

Truth be told, when I read back my blogs and read the one with the title: ‘Off the grid’ I didn’t realize it would all unfold so literally for me. And that is just what it did. Throughout the month of December I have been laying down all day, every day. Finally I was hospitalizedMeer lezen over “Hold on just a little longer”

Crossing the Veil

Yesterday I received the news one of my teachers passed away. At the age of 76 he crossed the veil and finds his way into other dimensions. I am deeply honored he was my spiritual teacher and I have learned so much from him.  Encounter It was May 2005 I encountered him for the firstMeer lezen over “Crossing the Veil”

Off the grid

Being a healer, reader and naturopath I often tell my clients how important it is to take care of your self, to love your self and to put your self first. (Compare it with the oxygen mask in the plane)  Service-minded Truth be told: I have a hard time with that myself. Although I haveMeer lezen over “Off the grid”

Time to relax, time to heal

It does not sound the right moment. In general we take time off in Summer or around the end of the year. Now it is Fall. Yet, I like to focus in this blog today on a break in Summer 2023.  Because becoming aware of the opportunity you can prepare your self and set anMeer lezen over “Time to relax, time to heal”

Sometimes I wish………

This sounds like a fairytale. ‘I wish for…., I hope for….., I want…..,’  Do you consider yourself to be successful? Or do you want to be successful and you are not there yet? Let’s talk about success.  What do you consider to be success? Is that a certain amount of money in your bankaccount? IsMeer lezen over “Sometimes I wish………”

Sometimes it is hard to adjust

Today I present you a little different content in my blog. In general I always write about work- and business related issues. Today I like to address something different everybody is involved in. I hope this will support you in these days. What is it? And what is the connection to the Akashic field?  MajorMeer lezen over “Sometimes it is hard to adjust”

Passion for your clients

I am running a business for many years now. The first couple of years I never thought of my clients as ‘passioned’. I was passioned about my practice, how I would be able to present myself as a therapist, how to draw in more clients. Specially the last part: ‘how to draw in more clients’Meer lezen over “Passion for your clients”

Yes or no, I do or I don’t

Recently I had a client for an Akashic Reading. Again I was touched by the words of light, clarity and the gentle nudges given to the person who requested this reading. The Akashic Masters and Teachers are always coming from a space of love, yet, they put the finger on the sore spot. Not rude,Meer lezen over Yes or no, I do or I don’t

Feather mattress

Some of you may know, most of you will not, but I am an ordained minister. Since 2006. Occasionally I officiate weddings. I love to do that, to stay in tune with the couple to be wed, focus on them and bring their light into the world.  Most of all I am the energetic healer,Meer lezen over “Feather mattress”

Beautiful Being

In the past some of you have received an Akashic Reading from me. I hope it was worthwhile and it helped you greatly to continue your life journey. I hope you received clarity on the map of your presence here on earth, have received a greater understanding of your life and gave you the neededMeer lezen over “Beautiful Being”