Hold on just a little longer

Truth be told, when I read back my blogs and read the one with the title: ‘Off the grid’ I didn’t realize it would all unfold so literally for me. And that is just what it did. Throughout the month of December I have been laying down all day, every day. Finally I was hospitalized and it turned out I have heart issues. So I was forced to calm down, to rest and take a lot of ‘me-time’. Without a doubt I was forced to put myself first. A tough lesson, me always focused on the outside world to support and assist others. 

Feeling boundaries or not

Thankfully I have the support and loving guidance from my Akashic Masters. Thanks to them It dawned on me why all this took place. It is about boundaries, keep in touch with my body and listen to it and finally after so many years off being in service towards others, pick up the responsibility for myself. Love myself enough to sit down with myself, honor myself in all it needs and understand I don’t have to be productive and/or supportive all the time. 

We are creators

The fact is we all create our own reality. There is no exclusion for me. I also create my own reality and it is important to act upon it. Besides, it is very well known we cannot solve a problem with the same way of thinking we’ve created it. To find a new way of thinking we have to observe our old way of thinking. I found out I think this sentence a lot: ‘Hold on just a little longer’. E.g. when I am tired and still do the dishes I tell myself: ‘hold on just a little longer, you can sit down within half an hour’. Why? Why do I need to hold on for myself? 

Limited believes

Our upbringing is usually based on conditioning, habits, customs and so on. I was brought up with parents, grand parents and even great grand parents who always worked. Living on a farm there was always something that needed attention or had to be done. One of the limited believes I was told was this: ‘nobody dies because of working hard’. Now I know this does happen and it is one of the reasons why so  many people have health issues related to stress. See the familiar Burn-out. 

Ancestral lineage

What I see now with the help of my Akashic Masters is the understanding of an ancestral pattern running in my family. My siblings are imprinted the same way. If I don’t heal this pattern I pass it on to my children and my grand children. That is why it is so important to heal our self first. Yes, it needs courage to look at yourself and change old habits, release old patterns and create healthy habits that supports us. With the help of the Akashic Masters we will get there and make big adjustments in our lives. I will add the Prayer for Courage, given by the Akashic Masters through my wonderful teacher Lisa Barnett. You can find her books online. 

I am so thankful I received the input from my Akashic Masters. Don’t hesitate to ask for your self to and schedule an appointment.

I hope you will be inspired to move yourself in a healthy direction. In case you need an akashic Reading please connect me and we set a time and date. info@theaboven.com 

I myself feel tremendous grateful for the love and care I am able to give myself now. 

Prayer for Courage

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, as I stand on this precipice today,

I ask for courage. 

There is a leap of faith that I am being called to take.

Please hold me in your love and let me feel the courage of the divine.

I accept with gratitude this courage and support.

So it is. Blessed Be.

Crossing the Veil

Yesterday I received the news one of my teachers passed away. At the age of 76 he crossed the veil and finds his way into other dimensions. I am deeply honored he was my spiritual teacher and I have learned so much from him. 


It was May 2005 I encountered him for the first time. It was during a seminar in Kailua Kona HI and we shared the elevator at the end of the first seminar day. In the elevator he started to talk to me and told me a lot about myself I could not comprehend that very moment. During the night my mind boggled over his input and the next day he explained a lot more. Bit by bit all the pieces of the puzzle found its place and it was a jaw-dropping moment. In a spilt second I knew so much better who I was and why I was on earth. This was the beginning of my journey with this wonderful man and teacher. 

Of course immediately I started to follow him by participating his classes and teachings. Kahu Fred Sterling was a wonderful teacher and medium for Master guide Kirael. I received so much wisdom from them through books, courses and seminars. The Signature Cell Healing, the Ten Principles of conscious creating were just a few. He absolutely influenced my life for the better. 

Kahu Fred Sterling

I’m sure Kahu Fred Sterling will be able to transition in a very eloquent way. As a medium he was very experienced how to leave his body and make space for Master Kirael. 

As you all might know in your personal Akasha field are many Masters present, many Beings of Light. And yes, there is a small feeling of sadness within me not having Kahu Fred in person here on this earth plane. But I also know most likely he will become a part of my Akashic Field as one of those many Masters and Beings of Light. Because that is how it works. We all are surrounded with masters, guides, angels and beings of light. All we have to do is to call upon them and we will feel their presence and their input. And just in case you doubt your own ability to receive clear input, go to an Akashic Reader and ask them to make the ‘translation’ for you. 

Receiving input

The veils around us are becoming thinner and thinner. We can feel that in our daily lives. Out of the blue we start to pick up information, we can ‘hear or see’, we start to ‘know’ and we feel sure about our feelings. And yes, we all should. Because all those ‘whispers’ are there to guide us into higher dimensions. That is why it is to me such a reassuring feeling to know I have another guide on the other side of the veil. All I have to do is calling out his name, calling out Master Kirael his name and the only thing for me to do is listen and trust the input. One of the reasons why meditation is so important. 

I like to come to a closure with this special blog in honoring my spiritual teacher Kahu Fred by giving you all a prayer of gratitude. This prayer is coming from the wonderful book ‘From Questioning to Knowing’ by Lisa Barnett. It is a beautiful prayer not only in this moment but also for the days of gratitude ahead of us. 

Prayer of Gratitude

Mother, Father, Goddess, god, please fill me to overflowing with the energy of gratitude. 

I am grateful for life, love and wisdom that comes to me in so many different ways.

I recognize the beauty in the small things and feel peace in acknowledging the wonder of life. 

So it is. Blessed be. 

Off the grid

Being a healer, reader and naturopath I often tell my clients how important it is to take care of your self, to love your self and to put your self first. (Compare it with the oxygen mask in the plane) 


Truth be told: I have a hard time with that myself. Although I have to admit I become better in this over time. I guess most of us healers and therapists are service-minded, focused on the well being of the other and finally at the end of the line there we are! 


Being an empath there is also something different going on. All empaths (most likely you are one to) are open and sensitive to the energies of this planet and of the humans around you. This can be a gift and sometimes it can be felt as a curse. If you always feel the energies from others and the shift of energy of the planet it can be exhausting and depleting. This is also called: ascension symptoms. Self-care is the most important thing to do in such circumstances. 

What are those ascension symptoms?

First of all you will feel tired and low in energy. You can feel all kind of undefinable aches and pains. Heart palpitation, lack of focus, head aches, back pain, sleeplessness, a ‘sense of being out of place’, intense dreaming, longing for different food, nerve pain and so on. The list goes longer and longer. You don’t have to have it all. Some of us do, others recognize just a few. Never-the-less it can be very tiring to have them. 

Vagus Nerve

Why do we feel these sensations so strong? Everybody on earth is receiving an upgrade so to speak. We all will be wired over time in a different way, along the rising of the planet’s frequenties. It is our nerve system what needs to adjust. This counts in particular to the Vagus Nerve. This is the longest nerve in our body. It innervates with all organs, all chakras, all hormones and all the other branches of the nerve system. The vagus nerve helps us to interact with the outside world and stay balanced where ever needed. But we all have a certain life style now-a-days, a life style full of  stimuli, distraction, not to mention fear all around us. The vagus nerve is making many hours to keep us balanced and sane. Until we ignore our boundaries (do you realize being fatigue is a sign of a boundary?) Because the vagus nerve gets depleted a lot of symptoms will rise to the surfage. It is the body what is doing the job and it is a tough one. 


The best thing to do in situations like this is taking time, sleep a little longer, ignore your cell phone and all the digital input, read a good book, take a walk in nature, do some yoga exercises, meditate, eat a healthy meal and get off the (digital) grid. Seriously: take a digital cleanse. After a week you will feel so much better. Another thing you can do is scheduling an Akashic Reading. A reading helps you to clarify what it is what depleted you and most important; receive a healing during the reading from your Akashic Masters to receive the much needed energies.

So that is what I am going to do right now. Close my laptop, put my phone on flight mode and bundle up with a good book. Talk to you later. 

Time to relax, time to heal

It does not sound the right moment. In general we take time off in Summer or around the end of the year. Now it is Fall. Yet, I like to focus in this blog today on a break in Summer 2023. 

Because becoming aware of the opportunity you can prepare your self and set an intention to come with me on this trip. Yes, this as a personal invitation to join me on this special and wonderful journey. 

Time to step up. “HEAL THYSELF”

You are far more capable to heal your self as you have been told. You’ve learned the adagium:  if you want to become healthy you need to take medicines, you have to depend upon doctors, psychiatrist and many others. But what if you carry within you everything you need to heal yourself? What if the cosmos provided the earth, through infinite wisdom, with devices, constructions and buildings to support our wellbeing and health? 

Lightwave Summer School helps you find your health and wellbeing

In times like these it is so important to find ways to heal our selves. Many forces around us wants us to believe we need their products like shots etcetera, to stay healthy. By now we know it is a lie and we need to know how to prevent sickness. But how are we going to do that? During the Summer school you will learn how. You will experience the healing powers of the tunnels in the valley of Visoko, you will feel the energies of the pyramids, you will experience the love-vibrations in the park. You will learn a wonderful healing modality. This healing modality is helping you to prevent yourself from sickness or heal yourself from any disease. The pineal gland is the driving force of this system. Through the pineal gland you will feel and experience the strength of this magnificent body. The pineal gland is the antenna to the cosmos, among other functionalities as you will learn. Also you will discover that everything you need is already within you. All you need to do is to dive in that wonderful part of yours and we will help you with that during this 6-day event. 

A Life changing experience!

After Lightwave Summer School you will have:

  • gained insight and knowledge about multidimensionality
  • proper understanding how to work with the multidimensionality
  • found tools to heal your self in a very easy way
  • alignment with the new energies of the 5th dimension
  • experienced very special energies at power spots and you will take these energies back home
  • received more knowledge and insights into the history of the planet and humankind
  • learned to be empowered and live from your empowerment
  • gained more wisdom related to the pineal gland and what the effects will be when it is activated

This will be a wonderful journey. Grant yourself this journey. Please read here https://lightwave.nl/ons-aanbod/lightwave-summer-school-bosnian-pyramids-2023/

the full info and email me your questions. 

And some of you will not be able, not attracted or not join for what ever reason. For all of you there are other ways to heal your self and find new harmony in your life. As you know an Akashic reading can be very helpful to restore health, happiness or wisdom. To give insights important to receive to find happiness again. 

I hope to see you.

Sometimes I wish………

This sounds like a fairytale. ‘I wish for…., I hope for….., I want…..,’ 

Do you consider yourself to be successful? Or do you want to be successful and you are not there yet? Let’s talk about success. 

What do you consider to be success? Is that a certain amount of money in your bankaccount? Is that a fancy car or a big house? Is that being famous in your neighborhood? Is that lots of followers on your social media platforms? 

Old Paradigm

All the above you can consider as being successful in the old days. With ‘old days’ I mean living in the old paradigm of the third dimension. Everything in the third dimension is related to material live, the more material, the more successful. The economy needs to grow and humanity will thrive.  

Is this still on your wish list or do you redefine succes a bit? Please do understand me well. I am not pleading for poverty, scarcity and debts. I am totally convinced the universe is an endless source of everything we need. Yes, we need a certain amount of revenue to have a worry-free life. 

Personally I consider myself as being successful when I am running my business in a happy way. Success means to me being able to share with someone who is in need, being successful to me is running my business worry-free, being successful to me means also following the flow and arrive precisely were I need/want to be. Successful running my business means leaving my clients with a huge smile on their face and a deep sigh how wonderful all the input was they have received during a reading. Seeing my clients progressing in life is success to me. 


To have this successful feeling I need clients. Last week I spoke about feeling passion for your clients. This week I will continue this subject in a different way. 

There are three ways to grow your success in your business. 

The first way is: add supplemental products. You don’t look for new clients, you just draw in again the existing clients. 

A client of mine has a flower shop. Her specialty is flower arrangements for weddings. So overall her clients come in for this special occasion. Through a Business Akashic Reading she was told to offer her clients after the wedding a weekly  flower arrangement for their house with a reduced rate. She still has the same clients, but now coming in more often. 

The second way is: look at your prices. Are the prices still ok in relationship to the growing expenses like energy costs, rent and the like? For some it can be tough to raise the prices. Make a nice announcement coming with a special offer. It helps you and your clients to ease the pain. 

The third way is: where I spoke about last week. Get out and speak passionately about your business. Maybe you can be a guest speaker on a podcast program, maybe you like to host an ‘Open House’ for a colleague and he/she is hosting you in return. Help each other out in this wonderful way and both of you will have effortless new clients. Be creative, act as colleagues and not as competitors. Together you will achieve more as single handedly. This new paradigm is about together, connecting, helping, supporting. This counts for businesses too. 

So let your heart overflow and success will be running. 

Sometimes it is hard to adjust

Today I present you a little different content in my blog. In general I always write about work- and business related issues. Today I like to address something different everybody is involved in. I hope this will support you in these days. What is it? And what is the connection to the Akashic field? 

Major shift

Nobody will deny this planet is in a major shift. We all go through a lot. There is turmoil all over the planet, insecurity, fear, imbalance, riots and so much more. It can be hard to find some stability. 

It can be tough if you cannot talk about your fears, emotions and imbalances. It all makes it harder. 

Then there are souls who are very sensitive. Maybe you are as well. Picking up the fear of someone else, feeling the anger from an other person. Not only picking up on that, but also feeling the intensity of the new energies coming to earth lately. Let me explain that a little bit. 

Macro cosmos-micro cosmos

Everything is energy. Some energies are dense, others are subtle, volatile and etheric. Our body is dense energy, a thought is much more subtle, our energetic field is etheric. But, energy remains energy in what ever way it is. All the emotions we feel lately is energy. Some energies are pleasant (joy, grace, happiness) other energies are heavy and disturbing (anger, hate, fear, quilt). 

This planet is part of a whole system. It’s part of the universe and as such it is a oneness too. Compare it to our body. Our body is a whole system. It is complete. So is the universe. Changes in one part of the body/universe influences overall the whole body/universe. As above, as below, micro-cosmos, macro-cosmos. 

Solar flares

The planet is receiving its information through the central sun of this universe. From the central sun the energies (which is information) goes to the sun. Solar flares, or Solar eruptions, are bringing in the energies from the central sun to the planet. Energy is information. Information is frequency. 

Solar frequencies are influencing the frequencies of the earth, the people and all live on earth. This can be felt by many now a-days. Because a lot of solar flares are reaching the earth right now. You can feel it in your body: maybe because you have a different heart rhythm, maybe you have some head aches lately, you feel exhausted, your focus is not as clear as usual, you have a hard time to sleep or the opposite, you feel the need for more sleep. And the list goes on. All these symptoms are signs of ascension symptoms as they are called. Your body is ascending. That is really a tough job. The nerve system needs to adjust to be able to deal with the higher frequencies, the hormonal system is adjusting just as the organs, bloodstream and so on. Compare it with a digital upgrade of your computer. This process needs energy and to gain more energy you have to take care of your self. 

Fifth dimension

What happens also is the collective move from the third dimension into the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension has a much higher frequency as the third. We all are prepared to move on to the higher frequencies. To get there we need to shat old habits, behaviors emotions and thoughts. Sometimes this is not easy either. We feel old emotions, sadness, we might feel old wounds and so on. So be gentle to your self. Be nice, take some rest, make a nice walk in nature, sleep a little longer, eat good food, do what gives you good vibes.

To get in the fifth dimension we have to leave the old and be willing to move to the new. The new is unknown. There is not a path or a sign saying in which direction we have to go. All we have is our inner gut, our intuition, our Higher Self and guides besides us. It is our core essence what moves us into the right direction. Energetically we can find our core essence right below the heart chakra and above the solar plexus. It steers us into higher knowing, on our soul path and it is connected to the fifth dimension. You can say it is the portal for us humans to the fifth dimension. This is the area in your body what is being prepared right now for your next move. So issues in this area is not uncommon at all lately. All meant to clean your system and preparing you on your way. 

Sometimes guidance from your akashic Masters and Teachers can be a great choice to receive input how to get there as easy as possible. We all Live in very exiting and wonderful times. Enjoy the ride.

Passion for your clients

I am running a business for many years now. The first couple of years I never thought of my clients as ‘passioned’. I was passioned about my practice, how I would be able to present myself as a therapist, how to draw in more clients. Specially the last part: ‘how to draw in more clients’ was a recurring theme for me. To me every person felt as a potential client and every so often I felt the need to approach a human in a store and let them know I would be their ideal therapist. No, I did not, believe me. I knew my boundaries. But just for the picture to illustrate my need for clients. 

They kept coming back

As always in life: wisdom comes with age was true for me too. I noticed when I had clients they didn’t want to leave overall. They kept coming and coming. That sounds good doesn’t it? It was not. 

I was an Energy Medicine therapist working with many modalities. So I energized my clients during every session and they left my office very happy in the knowing they had a new appointment for a next session of drawing in new energy. At the end of the week I was drained. 

My teachers

These clients were my teachers in a very good way. They showed me my boundlessness. It was not them, it was me who provided them with a space to take. 

I have learned my lesson and realized it was important for me to define my clients I really wanted to work with. So I did. 

That was the first time I started to think about my ideal client. A client I could feel passion for. I wanted a client who felt motivated to heal themselves with my support. Those who realized they had to do the job and make changes in their life for example. The client who is willing to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, the client who dares to step in their power and move forward in life. Those clients made me look forward to the next appointment with them, eager to hear about their progress and growing awareness. The expanded joy I felt over these clients made my energy level high and vivid energy levels automatically drew in more clients. 

Define your ideal client

I know there are different readers of my blog with a business. I like to invite you all to define your ideal client. What makes you exited about them? Do they hone in to your skills the most? Do they value your knowledge and expertise? Are they purpose driven and motivated? Do you love to work for big clients of maybe for the starter of a small business? 

Make your own analyzes and write down what these kind of clients do to you. If you know which clients make you passionate, you know where to focus on. Now you can go to a network meeting and make your self known as the one who can best help them. Relate your story to their world. 

Network meetings

I used to introduce myself during network meetings as an Energy Healer. What happend? A totally empty gaze. My introduction didn’t had any impression and after 5 seconds people moved on. But when I introduced myself as the Energy Healer with an expertise in rheumatism and migraines, I got immediately response and questions. Because most of them knew about a person with rheumatism or migraines. A chat had started and business cards exchanged. Now I was on their profile, because I shifted my story just a bit and related to their world. 

Touch their heart

In case you know your ideal client it will be easier to find them, because due to your passion you will be able to touch their heart and convince them you want to work with them. This will bring you more clients. And if you still have doubts, a bit insecure about your type of clients or the direction you want to move into, book a business reading for more clarity, more purpose and passion in your business. info@theaboven.com 

Yes or no, I do or I don’t

Recently I had a client for an Akashic Reading. Again I was touched by the words of light, clarity and the gentle nudges given to the person who requested this reading. The Akashic Masters and Teachers are always coming from a space of love, yet, they put the finger on the sore spot. Not rude, not rough, no, always gentle and always coming from a space of love and respect. 

So they did during this particular reading. The person came with a question why it took her so long to find the partner she was looking for. She also was looking for another job, in fact, she wanted to start her own business, but was doubtful and she questioned were to start. So much hesitation, so much insecurity, at least it looked liked that. 


During the reading we came upon a theme what was really soul related. Her soul came into the world with a plan. She however, ignored the plan and procrastinated her path. She was holding herself back and delayed her life’s journey. Simply because she was afraid to embrace her journey. 

This is not a rare thing. We all procrastinate, doubt and delay our goals. Simply because we have been conditioned to listen to someone or something outside of us. We were prompted to obey, to listen, to follow the directions from someone else. We have not learned to listen to our inner calls. Our inner call is filled with joy and happiness. But what if you choose the path of joy and happiness, what if you follow your inner guidance and directions? Is that ok? Are you aloud to do so? 

Fear of disobeying

It is the fear of disobeying, of ignoring the outer instructions what gives us the hesitation. We still want approval, so we start to inquire with other people. “What if……., what do you think? Shall I….., is it ok………?” And so on. But what is the result of it? 

In this situation it was the same. She was waiting for approval to move ahead of her souls journey. But because she wasn’t able or didn’t gave herself the permission, her soul was not able to play out the contract. Because she procrastinated other souls were put on hold as well. Her designated partner was not able to connect with her, because she walked besides her soul path. The souls she signed a contract with to be her future children were not able to reincarnate with her, because she was holding back. All she needed to do was saying a convinced ‘YES’, a strong ‘yes’ to her journey on earth and her soul contract and it all can be played out. Including her heart desires. 

Control versus freedom

The story of this brave woman is not just the only one. In fact we are all in this as a collective. We all feel the need to break free, to step into our power and listen to our own inner guidance and act accordingly. We all feel the transition, the change of the planet within our selves and around us. But nothing will happen if we stay in the process of ‘listen to the leader’ and follow the controlled path. We all are here by soul contract and we all came in at this precious time. As long as we procrastinate, as long as we hesitate and doubt nothing is going to change. As soon as we step forward and become our inner leader, we will feel the power and we will be propelled to a better world, a nicer and happier world. 

To support you all I add a prayer coming from the book: “From Questioning to Knowing” by Lisa Barnett. A book full of prayers to support us in our daily life. Read the prayer out loud for a few weeks and feel the effect. I wish you so much bravery. 

Prayer to release the fear of the unknown

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, this life has offered me many opportunities for growth and I accept this as my soul path.

Please help me to release any fear I have of the unknown so I may move forward now with ease. 

So it is. Blessed Be.

Feather mattress

Some of you may know, most of you will not, but I am an ordained minister. Since 2006. Occasionally I officiate weddings. I love to do that, to stay in tune with the couple to be wed, focus on them and bring their light into the world. 

Most of all I am the energetic healer, the Akashic reader and maybe as such you can say: the spiritual coach. I love my job and it makes me really happy when I give a great reading totally in synchronicity with the universe and the recipient. 


As an ordained minister I receive newsletters from the Universal Brotherhood Movement, through which I am ordained. Recently the Fall edition ‘felt’ in my email-box. There was a piece of text what really stirs me and I feel so much the same. But am I able to live up to it? This is the theory: 

“I have a ‘feather mattress’ theory. Most people like their theory firm. Mine supports me, enfolds me, comforts me. Others may punch at it but they meet no resistance. My ‘feather mattress theory absorbs life with non-judgment and unconditional love.”

Life without judgment

The last words are most important to me. To absorb life with no judgement, no bias, no prejudice. That is not always easy. So often we reflex on the very first sight, the first looks, the first words and so on. Coming with that judgement it is hard to go back to objectivity. The picture is already there. In that moment I need my ‘feather mattress’. 

To get there I go into my Akashic records. I ask my own Masters and Beings of Light where these disturbing emotions or judgmental ideas are coming from. I always receive great input and wise words. Immediately I will understand why I was responding to a situation or a person the way I did. The understanding gives peace of mind. I can come to forgiveness and all the restless emotions in my system are gone. 


The beauty of the Akashic Masters and Teachers is; they are not judgmental at all. They are only love, only wisdom. They always present their input in such a way it is comprehensive and the love is very undeniable. 

Awareness is key in life. So often we respond to situations and circumstances from our conditioned ego or from a wounded ego. As soon as we realize where those emotion come from or are related too, a softness appears. That is creating space. Space is needed to release pain, anger, frustrations and so on. That is the beginning of feeling my ‘mattress’ again. I am grateful for my ‘feather mattress’. 

info@theaboven.com in case you want to schedule an appointment with your Akashic Masters. 

Beautiful Being

In the past some of you have received an Akashic Reading from me. I hope it was worthwhile and it helped you greatly to continue your life journey. I hope you received clarity on the map of your presence here on earth, have received a greater understanding of your life and gave you the needed support. 

You may know that I do not only personal readings, but that I also offer business readings to companies. This always pays off a lot. Most owners are happy with the input  they receive because it helps them to understand what the company wants to do here on Earth. 

Just as you as a person have an Akashic field with all information, so does a company. From the 3rd dimension and linear thinking we assume that we as the owner of our company should take care of the company. From a higher dimension it can also work the other way around and the company takes care for us. After all, from the energetic field everything is connected to everything. Often the company tells us where we stand and which direction we should go. 

That is a completely different vision from that from the 3rd dimension, aimed at results, profit, turnover and usually material succes. Of course there may be and there is. However, the deepening, connecting and establishing a company with a higher vision together is so much more. That has added value with an intrinsic factor. That’s pure succes. See yourself (and employees, if you work with staff) every day with a big smile, because you know the company is there for you and your customers, that your company helps you to move forward in your life, to understand life better and feel better. 

Surrendering to your company takes courage and confidence. And realize that surrendering to your business also teaches you to surrender to life. Do you want to know the direction of your company? Do you want to know what your company can bring you? Do you want to experience the synchronicity of yourself, your company and possibly your employees? Then book a set of business readings. In 3 sessions you will learn so much about your company and what it is doing here. Which direction it should go. Perhaps this is something for your own company. And don’t you have a business but do you know someone who does? Then pass on this information. Let the other know what it has done to you and what it can mean for the other. After all, during a reading a healing also takes place. Everything that is healed can be released. This is how we clear ourselves, this is how we clear the collective field, so that more light can be absorbed and we can embrace the new world.

Thank you for taking the time and read this message. And thank you for spreading the word. 

Together we create a new world and live in love.