Whats next after Summer

In general a Summer break can be a time of introspection. A time of reflecting the passed year, the results and the succes of your business or job. Very often I receive the best input during my vacations. The distance to my business helps me to look with different eyes and most of all: getting inspired by seeing new horizons, meet new people, taste or smell different flavors. I have a clear picture of what it is I want to continue and what it is I want to change by the time I return home.

New mindset

Change can me small, for instance bringing a fresh green plant in the office. Or a change can be big: cutting off certain activities or start something new. In generals all these changes are significant. They help you to get a new mindset. Whether you run your business or you are an employee. Bringing in something new to your job is shifting energy. Working with energy in your house, your workspace or elsewhere is known as Feng Shui. The Chinese people use it all the time. It can be very interesting to read about this topic. 

Continuing or not

What also might happen during your Summer break is the profound insight you need to apply for a new job or you know deep within it is time to start your business. Or you have an existing business and you have no clue at all what your next step after the well owned and needed vacation has to be. Continuing the way you did? Make a change? A small one or a big one? How do you get clarity to find the right direction? All these questions are very relevant and asking for an answer. 

Old belief systems

The other day I was providing a client with an Akasha Reading. She really felt the need to start her own business and in the same time she doubted herself all the time. Wondering if she had enough qualities to run her business or to continuing a business in case she had already one. Doubting if she could make money and so on. So many fears, questions and hesitation. During the reading we came in a previous lifetime. During that previous lifetime she was a daughter of a well situated family. She wanted to have a job in that lifetime, but it was not aloud. Because a daughter coming from a family from a certain society was not expected to have a job. It was vice versa. She had all kind of people around her who assisted her in her day to day life. 

When she got married her husband didn’t allow her either to have a job. Both her father and her husband told her she wouldn’t be able to work. She would not have physical capacities to be active and have a job of any kind.

The memory of this previous lifetime created a limited belief and it sticked to her soul and her cell memory. Every time in her current life where she attempted to start her business, she fell back in that old belief system and stopt taking action. During the reading her Akasha Masters gave her a healing to restore the believe in her own personal qualities. Releasing the old energies helped her tremendously. 

Now she can make a start and go forward step by step to achieve her dreams. 

Life lessons

This example shows how necessary it can be to receive a reading. Finding clarity is helping in releasing old belief systems, old doubts and insecurities. Awareness is key to let go off old stuff what doesn’t work any longer. Sometimes it is even a life lesson to aim for those goals who look or feel unreachable. Sometimes a person came to earth with the purpose to break with old paradigms and clear out old patterns. As soon as you know what happend and for what reason you start to understand yourself so much better and new choices can be made. 

I love to guide you on your personal journey and find the clarity, the happiness and joy in your life. 

To Be or not To Be

I guess you will recognize this 

I am rising in the morning, with a busy schedule ahead of me. I know all the things I have planned are important and need to be done. Domestic chores, business appointments, social activities and time to unwind, to name a few. After half a minute I feel tired already and wondering why. I drag my body to the bathroom, take a shower (after I have fat the cat, cleansed her litter box, feed another little bit because she keeps asking), walk to my meditation room and start the day with a nice long meditation. I feel great. Then I realize all the appointments and all the items on my schedule. Again: I feel tired and start to procrastinate. 

‘Hm, let me have breakfast first and read what’s going on in my world.’ One hour later I still haven’t start my working day. I walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and notice there are some dishes in the sink. ‘Let me do the dishes’ and again another 30 minutes are gone. My phone rings:  ‘Hi, how nice you call’. It’s a friend and we chat along. Again another 30 minutes are gone, and that is how my day is melting away. 


Do you recognize my story? What is going on here? Why do I keep procrastinating and don’t I work in a disciplined way? I know this all so well. I drag around because I am overwhelmed. There is so much on my plate, I loose sight and get lost in the amount of activities I have planned. The consequences of the feeling of being overwhelmed is becoming insecure. ‘Can I do this? Am I professional enough to do what it is I want to do? Will my business become successful the way I want it? Can I make enough money with my business?’ So many questions pop up and not one effective answer. 

Until I learned how to get access to my Akasha record and how I got access to the Akashic field of my business. Now the Akashic Masters of my business are dictating me what to do and what to let go off. Right now, this very moment writing this blog. It is the Mastery of the field of my business what dictates the words and offering me the helping hand to write this article. 

Higher Guidance

Isn’t that wonderful? Every time I need input, that can be private or business wise, I ask for the insights of the Masters and Teachers. They never fail me. They always come up with practical answers and tools. It is me who needs to trust their words. If I doubt them I loose my direction and it is hard to hear their words. Trust is the key here. And that brings me to be or not to be. If “I am”, I am connected to the earth, I am grounded, I am in peace, I feel energized and I am inspired. There is no overwhelm, there is overview, there is trust and the knowingness all I have to do will be done smooth and easy, because I am inspired (literally) by the words of the guidance forces. I trust them and follow my path. 

Ask and you will receive

Your Masters and Teachers from your Akashic Field are also ready to give you all the input you need. All you have to do is to ask, because they honor your free will. 

I have learned from them to walk my path in an organized fashion I can say. I have structure now, because I work with an organized agenda. I have set my boundaries simply by organizing my time and to close the door of my office. Yes, really. My door was always open, because I thought for one or other reason I had to be available for everyone at all times. I have learned I don’t have to. So now my door is closed when I work. I only have available time for my business and as soon as I am done I open the door again. A big relief I can say. ‘To Be or not To Be, that is the question. Now I can say: ‘I am’.

Be like water

‘Go with the flow’ is a well known expression. Many people use it whether it fits or not. Very often used as an advise for those who got stuck in their daily lives. Yet, go with the flow is something different then fluidity. 

What is fluidity and why is it important now-a-days? 

Fluidity is the skill to adapt to certain situations, without loosing your self. It is helpful to adjust to new circumstances or settings. It works great to set yourself on a temporarily distance to create an overview and coming closer again to the situation when you’re ready. It’s not about: ‘hang loose’. It is about flexibility, adapting, adjustment and not getting stuck in an opinion or vision of someone else. 

The time we are living in now is asking a lot of fluidity if we want to stay sane. So many messages are thrown over us, sometimes hard to divine if the messages are true or not. In general most of the messages are fear based, so a critical overview requires fluidity. From there we can feel if the information is helpful or not and simply drop it. 

We are approaching the end of Summer break. School starts a new year and the majority of people is going to work again. Within a blink of an eye Fall will be on our doorsteps. The changing of the seasons is also asking for fluidity. In this case it is on a material level. Are you prepared well enough for the winter? Did you harvest your fruits and crops? Can you adapt easily to the changing temperatures? All this is part of our regular life too and comes with the quality of fluidity. This is something going on for eons now. But another way of fluidity is a bit more abstract and requires a bit more effort. Let’s talk about being fluid in what is happening today. 

Fluidity during a shift of times. 

As you know this world is in a massive change. Old paradigms are falling apart. What worked for a long time in the past is over now. The way a country needs to be governed now-a-days needs to shift in a more transparent way with trustworthy leaders, speaking only the truth and nothing but the truth. Humanity is looking for peace, equality, harmony and (self)love. We are moving into that direction. To get their safe and sound we need to use our ability to adapt, distinct, discerns and make new choices. To do so we have to make use of our fluidity. 

There is so much pressure from the outside world. It can be hard to make the right decision. Opinions go from right to left. What is your genuine opinion, what fits you or not? Are you still working for the right company or has your vision moved on, but you find it hard to step up and find the correct job for now? 

Nothing is set in stone, everything is moving in multiple directions. The question is: “What is your direction?” 

Do you dare to be fluid and move along the changes? Do you trust your path right now? Do you trust the universal plan and do you trust the cosmic guidance? We have passed the station of recording our lives. There is a saying: “One way to make the goddesses and gods laugh is to make plans.” Hence, we need to be fluid. This counts for humanity collectively as so on a personal level. We are in this planetary transformation, we have no choice than move along and find our ways with ease and grace. Helping each other with love and understanding. 

Are you in need for some support or clarity? Are you ready to move on with your life but you need some guidance? I can help you in finding a clear path again. Going into the Akashic Fields we receive intelligent advise from a very wise source who loves us and waiting to be asked for help. Please touch base, send me an email and we can go from there. You are here to shine, to be blissful, to be joyful. You deserve the best. So stop pondering all the above questions and simply book an appointment. You will be grateful afterwards and thank your self for the amazing gift you gave your self. info@theaboven.com 

Forward, backward, left or right

Do you feel a threat every so often? Are you anxious? Do you still love your job? Do you feel free or imprisoned in the society we all live in together now-a-days? 

Isn’t it chaotic every so now and then or maybe even all the time in your life? Please do me a favor: take a seat in case you read this standing up. Please sit down and take a deep breath. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Have your eyes closed. (Hm, here it becomes tricky……….. reading with you eyes closed, ha, ha.) 

So read the whole blog first and come back to the instructions. 


Close your eyes and breathe. Slowly, gentle, softly, yet deep. Do this a couple of times. Can you feel in your mind more peace and calmness? Imagine how you want to feel the rest of your day. Maybe it is: more secure. Imagine your self in a golden egg, or maybe the thought of a vault is giving you a sense of safety. Feel it you are in it. Feel the protection and release all the fear you just felt. 

Now let’s go to the next step. 

Release your emotions

Most likely there will be a release of an emotion. As soon as you start to feel safe, you feel the fear  from the moment before of not feeling safe. Yes, allow your self to release it. Cry, shed your tears, maybe you want to be hold, maybe you need to talk, maybe you just need to be alone. Feel what you need and get it. After a while (this can be short or a bit longer) you will start to feel peace again. You will feel the comfort of your body, the presence of a love one or the silence of your own company. Embrace it, inhale it and let it be. 

This exercise you can apply every time you feel insecure. As soon as there is a feeling of anxiety, stop with whatever it is you are doing and take the first deep breath. Let the exercise unfolding and feel the effect it has on you. 

Fear and adapted fear

Why, you wil wonder, it this so important? Why do I have to do this? We all live in this chaotic world. We all feel fear. We all pass it on to each other. It is important to become aware of your own fears and those you have adapted from the environment. As soon as you sit down, as soon as you start to breathe, you will feel the difference between your emotions and those you adopted. The awareness of this will help you to release even faster what isn’t yours. 


As soon as you take a deep breath you are in the now moment. There is no past, no future, just this moment. Do you have a problem is this moment? Is your life threatened just now? Most likely not. Realize this: as long as you are able to breathe you are alive. As long as you are alive you will have the opportunity to choose. You can choose for fear or you can choose for peace, inner peace, outer peace. There is always, yes always a choice. The choice to hold on to fear-based situations or the choice of stepping out those situations. Maybe not immediately, maybe a day, a week or a month later. But do know: there is a choice. You can choose to feel empowered or you can allow someone else to take your power away, You can look to what it is you have in life or you can look for what you don’t have. 

Support system

The time we live in is changing the earth in a rapid pace. The frequenties are rising. This process is influencing everyone and everything. Again: we have a choice. Yes, also in these processes. Do we choose love or do we choose hate and separation? Do we choose harmony and connection or do we split up communities, countries and parts of the world? Do we speak our truth or do we lie? Do we honor our fellow human or do we kill them? Do we choose more, more, more of do we choose sharing? Do we respect the planet or do we rob her from all her beauty? 

So, you see, there is always a choice. Whether you run a business, whether you  work in a business, whether you’re healthy or sick, you always do. 

Get your support now

Be aware of a very important support system, also available to you: the Akasha Fields and the Akasha Masters and Beings of Light. They have the wisdom, they have the love, they bring to the forefront what it is you need personally, they are your support troops, they bring in the guidance you need, the clarity, the guide lines and the road map. Rely on them. This time we all live in can be so confusing. Isn’t it magnificent we all have our support system to walk this earth? 

All you have to do is to ask. That is a choice too. 

Too enthusiastic, really?

Most of my clients have a business. That can be everything. From a crystal shop to a speech therapist. From a beauty consultant to a health therapist and so many other different companies. 

What they all have in common is the love for their business and the passion they run it with. 

Because the love for their business is that big, many owners invest all their time in that business. Do you recognize that?


I know this myself all so well. It was my pitfall too. I used to work 6 days a week. I made long days and had hardly time to relax. My life existed out of: meditation, work and sleep. (Luckily I meditate, that helped me pull through.)

After ten years I really got overwhelmed and at the brink of a burnout. That felt weird. Running a business I loved, feel passion for my business yet also the endless tiredness. 


I knew I had to change something, if I wanted to stay healthy and thriving. Luckily I found a great coach who helped me to clarify what was going on. The real issue here were my boundaries. In this case: overall none. When I was teaching (in general from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon) I told my students during the breaks my office door would be open. They could walk in and ask their questions or what ever input they needed. Literally there was no boundary. Indeed, the door was wide open. 

I started to realize if I wanted to keep my business running, I needed self-care. Setting boundaries is self-care. ‘Close the door’ was what I needed to do. Say ‘no’ every so often to others and ‘yes’ to myself. At least I had an hour to recharge if I closed the door. After that break I could be present for the students again. Even today I have to ‘close the door’ every so now and then. 


Take a look at your self if you run a business. How many hours do you spent on your business? How many hours do you have to recharge? Are you still in alignment with the soul of your business? Is this what your business wants you to do? Thanks to the input of my Akasha Masters I was able to make a huge change and move my business into a different direction. One of the biggest shifts is ‘me-time’. That is also what I notice when I do business readings with my clients. Overall there is no ‘me-time’ and the batteries start to die. To get ‘me-time’ I have to schedule my agenda. I have to block time for myself on a regular base and let nobody take over that time. It was a lesson in boundaries for me. 


How does overwhelm presents itself?

In general we become tired, but still up and running. Some start to procrastinate, some feel fear or anxiety. Some loose the love of their business. These are signs of not feeling the boundaries and a lack of balance between work-time and relax-time. It can be so helpful to have a hold, look at your life again from a different angle. See yourself as a good friend and observe the life of that good friend. What would you give him or her for an advise? What is it you want to make the person clear of? This can be the beginning of an important awareness. Maybe it is time to schedule an Akashic Reading, to receive the best input ever for you and your business. In general changes can be made in small steps. Sometimes it helps to create a to-do list and work through it throughout the day or week. A manageable to-do list and work just through it step by step. 

Honor your self, ask for guidance and feel the passion again for your entrepreneurship. 

Business in progress

There is a huge difference between a new business and a current company what is running for a while. 

When you have a running business, overall you know what it is you want and in what direction you want to go with your company. 

Starting a business is something different. You have to figure out so much: what will be your best way to promote your self, where do you want to be five years from now, who is your ideal client? So many questions you have to figure out. 


In general your approach of your business is coming from a material standpoint. You want to make enough profit so you can pay the bills. Business bills and private bills. To do so you need to achieve a certain amount of revenue. This can give pressure. Absolutely in the beginning stages of developing your business. Because you still need to find enough clients. You must also be willing to take a risk. That can be a lonesome position. Are you making the right decisions? Is it ok to invest more money? So many questions and choices must be answered and made. 


Also for an existing business it can be tough to step up. Because it can be easy to maintain the existing flow, even though you’re not inspired anymore and a change would be more than welcome. But how are you going to make that change? Can you do it on your own of do you need support from a business partner of colleague? 


What if you can see your company as a living entity? As something with a soul? What if your company is here with a mission? Did you ever considered this? If you do so, it gives a whole different perspective to your business. You start to see you can relate to your business. If you can relate to it, you can ask it questions. Questions like: what is the mission of this business? Why am I running this business? What do I need to learn or develop from this business? What is the goal of this business? Let me make this very practical. 


The other day I had a business client for a reading. During the first session we discovered the business wanted to experience more spirituality within the running business. This was in alignment with one of the owners. He also felt the need to bring in more spiritual awareness. The common thread of the business was flexibility. During the second session again the common thread was visible. This was a company who needs flexibility to flourish. Also the employees need flexibility. The core value in this case is openness and transparency. 


During the third session a useful tool came up. This company needs to do a weekly exercise together. Empowering a colleague by giving them a complement, tell every one what they have experienced as something real positive the past week and tell everyone what he or she needs on a personal level, within the company.

A small exercise, it takes just a couple of minutes and it brings huge results. Everyone feels more seen and heard, they connect and more transparence is present. The business is thriving again. In fact: three more employees are recently hired. 

Thanks to the information coming from the Akasha Field of the business clarity is provided and given. New ways of growth are present.

Speaking about feelings

For many of us it is so hard to speak about our personal feelings. Why do we experience so many feelings throughout our daily lives and yet, it is so hard to express them in words? 

Our lower chakra’s are the energy centers were we most of all experience emotions and store them. The  base chakra is related to survival, safety, trust, fear and money. The second or the sacral chakra is related to creativity, relationships, sexuality, quilt. The third chakra known as the solar plexus is related to ego, power, manipulation, manifestation. 

I wrote about the chakras already in the past. This article was related to the chakras and the unfolding of the awareness related to the earth. Please read the article for a better understanding.  https://akashicreading.online/2021/11/11/a-heartfelt-world/ 

On a personal level this works the same. 

Childhood experiences

As you can read there are so many topics related to the lower chakras and therefor related to the first part of a life time. (Lets say the first 21 years) Topics like: not enough money in the family to buy daily fresh food, money issues and not being able to study, even though you are intelligent enough, being a refugee, coming from a war zone and living in survival, bad relationships, misused or sexual assaulted, to much or to less ego, being manipulated, feeling unworthy, and so on. All these type of experiences create a lot of painful memories. The painful memories are filled with emotions. Overall we tend to push those emotions deep down in our system, ignoring the memories and leave it like that. 

Blocking away becomes a neurological pathway

Our brain becomes wired to the system of blocking away painful memories. And as such it creates a neurological pathway by responding over and over again in the same way and in certain situations. Ignoring, until…….. 

Imagine you are on a party, having initially a good time. Then something happens. Let’s say a couple is having a fight. The way they react to each other during that fight is exactly the same way your parents fought, before they got divorced. In a blink of an eye you are back in your childhood memories and all the feelings so preciously stored away rise to the service and they make you cry.  With that is coming an old, yet familiar pain in the stomach. During your whole life your stomach starts to hurt as soon as you are around people who fight. You never understood where the pain was coming from. Now you start to remember. 

Emotions are the conduit for deeper information

In this example you start to see the emotions are the conduit for deeper information coming from the soul. It is our soul who let us know through emotions what it needs or what it wants to experience. In this case the soul most likely wants to learn how to deal with conflicts. That is part of the life lesson. As long as we suppress our feelings, the lesson is not learned. As soon as we start to listen to those feelings, the soul makes a little pirouette of joy. Finally it starts to become understood. So it is very important we humans have emotions. Because that is the language of the soul. Through these emotions we feel we are on the right path (joy will be experienced, happiness if profoundly present) or pain is showing up, letting us know a lesson needs to be learned. 

The compassion and love from the Akashic Masters

Of course it can be very challenging to face those emotions. That is why it is so wonderful to go into the Akashic Field. Because the Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light are so compassionately present. They love us and want to be of assistance for us. With their gentle love and guidance we will be able to understand the story behind the pain and accept it. Understanding the history of what had happened makes it easier to release the painful memories. 

The love from the Akasha Masters helps us to release, to heal, to understand, to let go. From that moment forward the lessons have been learned and karma has ended. 

Clearing out the old

We are entering a new era, a new dimension, a new time. As often: to start something new it is important to remove the old, clean out remnants of a previous time. 

Old and new stuff

Imagine you are building a new house. It is going to be beautiful. When the time arrives you can move in, do you bring your old stuff, stuff that needs to be repaired? Do you bring in the old garbage, old furniture or filthy rugs? Most likely you will not. You will have your furniture cleansed or if it is too far from repair you will let it go and look for something new and fitting. 

This example is the same for us now, in the times we live in. We are at the threshold of a new era, a new paradigm and a new way of living here on earth. To start that new way of living we need to let go of the old, let go of all what isn’t fitting anymore. We are doing this as a collective and as an individual. 

Release collective

In the collective field we see we have to release suppression and violence. We have to become aware all of humanity wants to live in peace, wants to live in harmony and wants to be happy. To do so, it is important to choose. Choosing for new laws, for new ways of growing food, new ways of dividing wealth, health and prosperity. And so on. (There is so much to heal) 

Respect each other from a human level is important. We do heal our selves and others by doing so. Foreignness is key. Most of all: forgive your self. (This will be a subject for another blog)

Release old karma

From an individual point of view it is also very important to release old karma. Again, karma is not a way of punishment, karma is a way of finishing unfinished business. We all bring in experiences from previous life times. To step up in our consciousness and move forward into the new era, we have to release old karmic patterns and look at the lessons we wanted to learn from it. 

Let me give you a personal example. 

About 20 years ago I had health issues. It was pretty serious and I knew there was an important lesson in all of this. So I booked a session with a reincarnation therapist. I got back into a lifetime around 1000 years ago. In that lifetime I was with my mom and my sister. In that particular lifetime they were depending on me. Because I was killed and not being able to take care of them any longer I developed a huge feeling of guilt, bringing it with me in this lifetime. From childhood on I was taking care of them. Make sure they were fine, happy, protected, assisted and so on. In fact I was boundless towards them. Until I was getting sick. I knew this was related to taking care of them, not having healthy boundaries and not taking care of myself, instead, focussing on their wellbeing. 

Life lessons

This was a very important life lesson. I knew I had to put myself first, if I wanted to stay alive. It took me sleepless night and so much anxiety to let them know I had to take care of my self. Despite my inner fear and anxiety they absolutely understood what I was saying and of course, they were willing to support me this time. I was able to release this karma by choosing for my own wellbeing and create healthy boundaries. 

This is a way of releasing karma. It is about a process of inner growth, of become aware of who you truly are, what you are doing here on the planet and why you live the life you do right now. 

Using the Akashic Fields and communicate with the Akashic Masters and Beings of Light. It so relieving to hear their wisdom and advice. This is why it is so important to consult a Akashic Reader. For clarity, for understanding, for insights, directions and answers. 

Don’t hesitate and book your session with a Reader. info@theaboven.com

Back in Business

Running a business is wonderful. That is to say: as long as the business is successful and making profit. But what if profit stays out, people needs to be fired and find a job somewhere else? What if you just started your own business, full of enthusiasm, hope and creativity and it doesn’t work out? What if you don’t attract enough clients? How many businesses have had a hard time the last couple of years and are on the brink of bankruptcy? 

What is success? 

Being successful; what does it mean? Are you successful because you have a lot of employees? Are you successful because your annual turnover is growing every year? Are you successful because you reach your target every year? Or are you successful because every day you go to your work whistling, singing or with a smile on your face? Are you successful because you were able to help a client for nothing because he or she was broke and needed desperately a small repair for something to be able to get around again? 

Intrinsic factor

We are so accustomed to rate success in figures and numbers. To a bigger house, a bigger car and so on. Of course it is great to have a nice car if you work hard for it. Hence, it is also great if you are able to rate your succes from the inside out and feel the intrinsic factor of loving what it is what you are doing. What I want to express here is the value of success coming from the inside out and not vice versa. In the old energy we measured everything related to the material world. I think it is time to measure success from the inside out. How happy are you with what you do? 

Heal your business

Offering Akashic business readings I like to work with women and small businesses. Because out of experiences I know how difficult it can be for women to ask money overall and to ask enough to build a healthy business. 

In my last blogs I wrote about how to heal the world part 1,2 and 3. In these blogs you can read about the wounded female energy and how this is effecting the world within and without. 

Because the female energy was suppressed, it is even now-a-days hard for women to stand up for her self and ask what she needs and deserves. That is one of the reasons a female business grows slower overall as a business run by a man. That doesn’t mean I reject male businesses, asking for a reading. On the contrary, they are most welcome. I can say out of experience they are afterwards very happy with a reading. 

The soul of your business

And what counts for both type of businesses is the message of the soul of the business. What is this message? Do you know? Do you know why you, your soul was called by the soul of your business? Do you know what is holding you back of being successful? Do you want to know how to draw in the fitting customer or client? 

Being a female and business owner why is it so difficult to ask the correct price for your service or product? Where is your focus and what should be your focus? Do you have business strategies in alignment with the soul of the business and your soul? These and so many more questions can be addressed during a business akashic Reading.   

As a result clarity is unfolding, your focus will be clear and your actions planned out. I am guiding you for a couple of sessions, finding together the mission of your business’ soul and work out a solid plan to make progress. Feelings of overwhelm will be gone, the joy of running your business will return and coming with that: your newly found success. 

Please contact me here: info@theaboven.com 

How to heal the world part 3

I like to offer in this last part on ‘How to heal the world’ suggestions, options and ways to heal old wounds. Some practical steps for your support. 

As said before: we are all wounded somewhere along the time line. Many of us have been here on the planet over and over again. During every incarnation we choose to learn lessons, to have experiences and to finish unfinished karma. Bare here in mind: karma only means certain contracts have not yet been finished. It is not a system of punishment what so ever. It is a great way to solve open endings. 

Courage to heal

For all of us healing asks courage. We must be willing to face the past and learn from it. When a female has experienced painful situations like abuse, incest, rape etcetera, the first response will be pushing the pain aside, pretending nothing happend, because she wil feel shame, guilt and lots of sadness. The shame and guilt will hold her back to speak about it. This is a very big obstacle to heal, because she cannot talk about it. Because she cannot talk about it, she will push it away in the furthest chamber of her memory and most likely it will be placed in te ‘forgotten’ area. As a result behavior like I wrote about in part one and two will appear. 

The first steps

What can she do? How can she help her self? 

As always awareness is key. The first step she needs is getting clarity and to become aware. It is not always easy to become aware on your own. That is why it is so important and very helpful to receive an Akashic Reading. The Akashic Masters will tell the true story. They will explain why certain painful things happend in previous life times or this one. The Masters  will explain who was involved in such a drama and what the soul needs to take from this experience. What was the reason, what have been the soul contracts between the humans involved in this drama. This is the first step to heal. Clarity helps to see the direction we have to take, so soul-healing can finally take place. 

During a reading the Akashic Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light not only guide the person, also they heal during the reading, so the old wounds will become whole again. From their field they bring in the love, the light and wisdom, needed to understand the contracts. 

I want to emphasize every human on earth has painful experiences. Every one of us carries around the heavy bricks of past events, unhealed, unseen or unresolved. Because the earth starts to become enlightened we have the great opportunity to heal our selves with the help and support of our Masters. They are here to assist us and to bring us to higher grounds. All we have to do is taking their outstretched hand. 

As a first support I like to offer you a prayer. It is a prayer received from the Akashic Masters and Beings of Light by Lisa Barnett. Her book is called: “From Questioning to Knowing”, full of healing prayers. I recommend it. 

Prayer for healing Abuse 

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, I am filled with the Divine light and my soul connects more deeply into my body as I acknowledge this truth. 

I know on many levels the trauma and pain I have experienced in this life time and others and now I choose to release the pain from every cell of my body. 

I walk away from the old story and choose a new path to happiness. 

I know the people involved in my story are truly Divine souls at their core and I am now able to move into my  heart and feel a pure level of forgiveness for them. 

As I release the painful emotions, I see the memories that arise and I bless them and send them on their way. 

They are no longer my truth. 

I go on my way, following my soul path filled with the love of the Divine. 

So it is. Blessed be.

Please contact me if needed: info@theaboven.com