How to heal the world part 2

Were we left at part 1

Three types of women

There are three types of women in general. I know, it looks like stigmatizing females. That is not the case here. I try to clarify something to make men and women aware of their actions and behaviors. These behaviors originated in previous life times, simply to find ways to survive. I also pinpoint it in this way, because I see so often these patterns during readings. Old wounds finding ways to survive. We all do, male too in their own specific way. 

The Slave

The slave is the woman who really has had a life of a slave. Very often sold and dragged along to another countries, to serve and live the worst life ever. Serving meant surviving; at least there was a plate with just enough food to stay alive. Women who had multiple life times as a slave are still very serving minded. Obedient, less self-esteem, acting on the needs of others. A hard time to feel her boundaries and very often misused in general.

The Prostitute

This type of woman was forced in previous life times to be the whore. Very often she could prevent to become a slave by prostitute her self as a way to survive. Or, and this was in most cases, she had no choice and was forced to it. 

Now-a-days I still see this type of women as the pleaser. To please the men she knows how to use her body to get done what she needs or wants form others. It is the ‘pretty lady’, focused on looks and male likes. She is also ‘daddies little girl’ or the little princes. It is her way to survive. 

The Male-female

This is the woman who survived many incarnations ago by copying the man, trying to climb the ladder of hierarchy by pleasing the man in multiple ways and at least to make him proud so he could show off with his wife. She acted as the back bone of the man. (Even though he ‘owned’ her.)

This is the lady who seeks career from a male perspective. Using male attributes to get the position she wants, living and using her male energies. Very often in a top position or she is a politician. Again, here is also a situation grown out of survival. 

Of course, there is also a blend of these types, a mixture of two or three. Again I want to emphasize here it is a way to deal with old pain, old survival issues sticked to the soul. 

Support each other in healing

All these types act from fear, from being misused, from being hurt because she was/is a woman. If a female lived many life times in similar conditions, it all makes sense the cellular memories kicks in as soon as there is a threat for her, from a female perspective. So many healing is needed, so much understanding is required. First of all a woman has to understand her own past. Knowing her past she can start to understand why she is doing what she is doing. Healing the past helps her to release the memories, the pain, the fear and find her own inner strength and sovereignty. 

As a collective we need to understand we all have been the wounded woman. Yes, the men also. Because somewhere along the line a man incarnates as a woman. Most likely in that lifetime also in a situation of abuse. 

As long as we do not heal our selves, as long as we do not support each other in healing, we will not be able to heal the world. The only way to do so, is coming to completion with the separation, superiority and misuse of the other and the planet. We are not different from Mother Earth. We are the same. So the only way to heal the world is to heal our selves. 

The males need to ask the females for forgiveness, the females need to forgive. The males need to support the women on their healing journey and in the meantime they need to heal themselves, forgive themselves for all they have done in violating the female energies here on the planet. Than unity, harmony, peace and balance can exist. The world will live as one again. 

It is so wonderful we can get access to the Akasha Records, to go within and find the root of the pain. The Masters, Beings of Light and Teachers are so willing to support us, to heal us, to guide us to peace, forgiveness, love and understanding. Please send an email to if you are in need for some guidance. 

How to heal the world

It is undeniable; the world is out of balance. Were ever we look, were ever we go, so much imbalance is visible. Parts of the world are to wet, parts are to dry, some are to cold, and elsewhere it is to hot. 

Social media is splitting up people in general, opinions pro and con go back and forth. If you are not left oriented, you must be right. And the list of duality here can grow longer and longer. 

Individual and collective healing

It is time we heal the world. To do so we have to start with our selves. Lately during Akashic Readings I see over and over again that the pain felt in this life time is caused in previous life times. 

During this time of transition we all are healing our old wounds, knowingly or unknowingly. It is the time of collective healing.

As long as you are not aware of this healing proces, you might be tempted to stay in the judgmental mode, throw your opinions on social media, distance your self from other opinions and stay in old convictions, usually based in fear. 

The wounded female energy

There is one particular theme returning over and over again during my readings. That is the wounded woman. The wounded female energy to be precisely. Mother Earth is the perfect example of being a wounded woman. The planet has a female energy, that is why we call this planet Mother Earth. The qualities of a mother are: nurturing, sharing, providing the planet with food, water, healthy soil and crops, nature to lavish, minerals to support us, plant medicine. In others everything humanity needs on this planet is provided for. But what is humanity doing: it is exploiting this planet. It creates lots of waist, spilling the waters on the planet, deplete it from minerals, deplete the soils, using poison and toxic materials, it destroys nature. 

She is worth less

Now again back to the wounded woman. There are similarities between the planet and the women on this planet. Picture this: approximately 50% of the planet are women. There is a majority of these women who have been hurt by men. Simple because she is a woman. In general salaries of female workers is an average of 10% lower, compared to a male worker in the same position and the same age. Because she is a woman, she is worth less. (Literally)

Women feel very often threatened, because she is a woman. The laws in general made by man, decide over the body of a female. (Very current.) A woman is always judged by her looks and according to the findings (mostly of males) upgraded or downgraded. 

This suppression started 5000 years ago already. Because this suppression is going on for so long now females developed her self in certain ways.

Three types of women

There are three types of women in general. I know, it looks like stigmatizing females. That is not the case here. I try to clarify something to make women aware of their actions and behaviors. These behaviors originated in previous life times, simply to find ways to survive. I also pinpoint it in this way, because I see so often these patterns during readings. Old wounds finding ways to survive. We all do, male too in their own specific way. 

End of part 1. #2 is coming soon.

For questions got to info@theaboven

Soul Progress

The soul purpose is shifting because of new times and events on the planet. We are all part of this transition, conscious or unconscious. Our soul has chosen to be here now and to play our part in this. Maybe you play your part as a nurse, maybe you play your part as a distance-healer, maybe you play your part as a minster. Maybe you play your part as a cab driver. What ever it is you do, you are here in the turmoil of this world. 

Soul Contracts

Soul purpose is the plan the soul came with to this earth, to live it out. 

Our soul contract is not about just one thing, it is about so many things, subjects, themes and experiences. Life it self is our purpose and the soul brings in so many chances to work out parts of that purpose. 

There is always a plan in the craziness of our lives, how hard that life might be.  

The beauty of the Akashic records are the wisdom and the knowingness why we have made those contracts and what to do with it. 

Soul Evolution

Wondering about your soul evolution is going to help you to understand the lessons you took on here on the planet. Diving into your Akashic field is helping you to understand what your journey here on earth is all about. You will get directions, old wounded parts might get healed, clear understandings of what really took place in a past life can help you to understand why you faced certain difficulties. 

It is about moving forward with ease and grace because when you understand the souls purpose and contracts you will understand yourself so much better as the eternal soul you are, the divine being having an experience here on the planet. 

Change of Contracts

So, are we able to reset our soul purpose? Can we change our contracts? 

Yes, we can. Going into the record and finding the wounds there we can heal it from the now into to past. As soon as a wound has been healed it is ready to be released, to let go off and regain new directions. Through the healing the old pains are understood and learned. 

The akasha records are a multi-dimensional field. All is there, the past, the now and the future. Multi-dimensionality doesn’t make any distinction between time and there is certainly no linear time line. As soon as an old pattern, an old life lesson or experience has been healed, the future has changed. It will not being needed to go through that life experience again, therefor the future will not hold that pattern any longer. That is what we call: ‘soul progress’. 

Creating Heaven on Earth

Sometimes it is hard to love your self. Sometimes it is hard to love another. 

In the world we live in right now is so much fear. Based upon the fear we try to survive and in the battle of surviving we start to judge as an attempt to clarify the world around us. We all do, we all try to understand what is going on. 

Judgement is leading to duality. We judge all the time. As soon as we see something there is a judgement. We like it, or not, we love it or not, we want it or not etc etc. Duality is part of this world. We cannot live without it. There is day and night, there is the sun and the moon, there is sadness and joy, the list is endless. The challenge in all this is to understand it from a perspective without judgement. Let me give an example. 

You leave your house to go to your job. The sun is shining and you walk out the door without a raincoat. At the end of the day when you return home it is raining. You can blame yourself for not bringing an umbrella or a raincoat. You can also see it as something funny and walk in the rain, simply enjoy it and knowing at home there is a warm shower and dry clothes. 

You see, you can judge and discern something as bad or you choose to challenge yourself and make a play out of it. The outcome will be the same: coming home soaked. The journey will be totally different depending about the judgement. 

This is going on in our lives in general. We always can make a choice. We can take a stand and judge someone or something, we can make the choice to investigate before we judge. 

We all want to live in peace. The world is not in peace right now. We can feed to it choosing for duality and judge this person is good and that person is bad. Or we observe, stay centered and step into our heart, spread some love and light into this world. 

My teacher Lisa Barnett received from her Akasha Masters beautiful prayers and she wrote them in her book: ‘From Questioning to Knowing’. 73 prayers to transform your life. 

Here is a prayer I like to share. You can read it out loud every day, to feel the peace within and creating heaven on earth. 

Prayer of Creating Heaven on Earth

As I integrate the power of the soul with the power of the body I am able to manifest with ease and grace here on Earth. I am a Creator Being with a purpose. I am creating Heaven on Earth now.

I wish you all a peaceful life. 

The Greatest State of Being

What is it? Why are so many people searching for this subject en how do you get there? 

Without getting to esoteric, this is a great subject to lay on the table. Because it approaches our true being really close. We all desire to be there, in that state of mind. 

Let me make it personal, so you can relate to it. 

As a child preferably you grow up in a safe environment. I did. I had loving parents, protecting me where I needed to be protected and letting me go where they thought I could handle the situation. I felt safe (I thought), I felt protected (I thought) and played like a child should play. 

Despite the love, protection and feelings of safety, my parents could not prevent me from one of the hardest experiences a woman can experience in her life, what to say as a child. 

As a child I was sexually abused by my grandfather. As a child I knew how to hide this very well. I tucked it away, deep into my body, hoping it would never come to the surface. Even though Readers like Aura Readers and so on pointed it out to me and always I told them they were wrong. Absolutely convinced I was right. These experiences happend to many others, but not to me. I thought. How naive. 

Throughout adult life I always had belly pain. I had a hard time to feel safe about sexuality or fully enjoy it. I did not appreciate my body. I knew how to place myself on a distance towards a man. Until I was in relationship with my husband. That felt safe right from the beginning. I could be myself and I thrived in our relationship. Until I felt something was coming up, undeniable, not able anymore to reject it.  In an instance I remembered my youth, my childhood and I had a clear picture what had happened between me and my grandfather. 

Being a therapist myself for many years by than, I had great colleagues working with reincarnation therapy. So I booked a session with a colleague to make sure this issue was not going to stick any longer. What was unfolding during that session was magnificent. After expressing my anger in a furious way and scolding my grandfather, after I was calmed down and the pain released through tears I could see my grandfather lacked so much love as a child himself. All he did was taking love from me in a very disputable and disgusting way. 

I also could see he had a soul agreement with me. 

From a souls perspective I had agreed to set him free in this lifetime. He was abusive in previous lifetimes and not able to release his behavior. As a soul I agreed to forgive him so he could forgive himself and set himself free. During the session I heard myself saying: “I forgive you”. From that moment on the room flooded with light and he left. Until that moment I always felt a ‘presence’ around me, not able to grasp who or what it was. Now I knew, it was the soul of my grandfather, waiting for the moment to set him free.

What a relieve this was. Knowing I was liberated, but also knowing he was liberated, brought me in the greatest state of being. I felt gratitude, I felt free, I was who I was, I am who I am. 

Forgiveness is such a powerful tool to create healing on so many levels. Forgiveness brings us to the greatest state of being. 

An Akasha reading clarifies the cause of an issue in life. It tells the story and shows the map of the souls journey. The healing force is forgiveness. 

Do you need forgiveness? Contact me and together we will make the journey. It is such an act of healing on a soul level. For you, for everyone involved. We all need forgiveness and we all need to forgive. If we want to raise our frequenties and get to the greater version of ourselves we have to forgive. Don’t hesitate any longer. It is time, time to move forward. 

A heartfelt world

The world is in a turmoil, no news here. What is needed and where a lot of people are looking for is a clear story to understand what is going on now-a-days.

To create clarity I need to tell something about the chakras. Our chakra system is part of our energetic body. Invisible for most of us. Yet, undeniable there and more and more people start to feel this system and become aware of it. That itself is beautiful. Because now you can work with it. But that is a different story for another time.
We have seven main chakras. There are more. In this blog I focus on some of the main chakras.
All chakras are involved in all kind of processes in our life. Physical, emotional, mental and energetically.

I will define a few, so it gives you an impression how this works.
The root chakra represents safety, security, food, money, survival, matter. Simply stated the root chakra represents: “I am”.
The second one is called the sacred chakra. It regulates all the liquids in our body, it stands for creativity, flow, movement and the male and female energies. It represents: “I feel”.
The third chakra is known as the solar plexus. This chakra is about strength, power, ego, manipulation, manifestation, will power. It represents: “I want”.
The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. This chakra reflects connection, love, harmony, freedom, balance and nature. This one represents: “I connect”.

Chakra development
When you look at life since birth and observe the growth of an infant you will see the development as explained above. Every chakra needs approximately seven years to develop. Within those seven years each chakra is also highlighted in just one out of those seven years.
The first year the child is only focused on food, love and security. It will thrive if that is abundantly available. Sense of self as “I am” is developing and the physical body is growing the most.
From the second life year forward the toddler starts to create an inner world and an outer world. It learns to differentiate you and me. In the third year the will is developing. The child is expressing this stadium in a loud yes or no. Always the opposite of what the parent wants. By the time the child reaches the age of four years old it is ready to play with other kids in harmony. It is ready to share it’s toys and willing to connect.

I leave the explanation of the chakras until here. It helps to get an understanding of what is going on in the world around you. There is a macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos. What is out there is within you, what is within you it is out there. Everything reflects everything.

There has been a time on earth humans lived from the food provided by mother nature. As soon as the food was finished locally, the tribe moved to a new place to find new resources to live from. Nobody owned a piece of land. In fact, the tribe was living in the now, from the “I am”. Trusting nature and knowing somewhere would be new pastures to live from. Thousands of years people lived this way. We can say humanity lived from root chakra and living in the now.

Than a new period started. Every period became shorter in time. Something the Mayans knew and told about.

New discoveries
The period after the “I am” was new in many ways. Humanity discovered grain and learned to stay and live in one place. Because planting grain would create new amounts of food every year, the urge to move from one place to the other vanished. Ownership started. The ‘me versus you’ society.
The first signs of separation. Here we see the sacral chakra dominant.

Again, after thousands of years a next fase arrived. This was the time of the solar plexus energy. Here we see the beginning of suppression, power and control, the dominant male-energy, ego, manipulation, dictatorship to call a few. This was the time the patriarchal world started and therefor the suppression of the female energy. (Please understand me well: I am not talking about man and women. I am speaking of male and female energy.) All this started before Christ.

Do you start to understand our world now-a-days? We live in the last period of the solar plexus and moving towards the heart chakra on a planetary level. We are supposed to live from our heart space now. It is time to leave the male dominated society behind and live in harmony, in love, in appreciation, in joy, in balance and above all in connection with each other. Old dominant male energies are still out there, trying to manipulate us and trying to separate us. We have to step up and unite. Live from our hearts and find common ground.

Humanity is going through all kind of stages in their lives. So does mother earth. She also is developing. As said: as above as below. The difference here is mother earth needs more time to move from one stage to the other. We as humans live in a shorter timespan.
Despite the friction, the separation and the attempt to keep us suppressed, so many new initiatives are out there. People start to unite, to share, to help each other, bring in new initiatives housing-wise or related to natural resources, new technologies. The world is in transition, we are in transition. All we have to do is focussing on the heart and live from there. Love is the thriving force.

What to do?
So, now what? As you can read this is a collective process. We are all in here together. If you have difficulties in your day-to-day life find likeminded people. Start to connect your self with others. If that is hard, connect to nature, go out there, hug a tree, see the beauty of mother earth, listen to the birds, the waves of the ocean, the wind in the trees. Breathe in and out. Breathe into your heart space and out again, again and again. Put your hands on your heart, feel it, connect to it, breathe into it. Appreciate your self, give your self compliments every day. Smile to someone else, just because you can. Bake some cookies and share them. Find something to laugh about every day, a funny sit-com for instance.
We are moving towards our hearts as a collective. Reach out and help each other to get there. We will find the peace, the harmony, the love, the joy in there.
In case you need some support, guidance or input: please approach me. A coaching call is set up easily. With or without the akasha records.
Stay grounded and appreciate yourself.

Fear or Fearless

Times like these are asking for bravery. Times like these needs courage. Times like these are looking for balance. 

We are moving from one imbalance to the other. From fear to become sick, from disappointment over a jab what doesn’t work the way we wish, from being excluded at certain places because you refuge a jab, to the uncertainty over the economics, jobs, money, housing, health and healthy food up to a clean planet. The list is endless.

There is so much going on, almost every person on the planet is going through one or other discomfort, pain or sadness. 

Yet, the challenges we all face right now are strongly related to the shift of this planet. We are on our way from darkness to light, from war to peace, from imbalance to balance. But…….

There is a big ‘BUT’ involved. We have to choose. We all have to make a choice in which direction we want to move. 

In the past we have learned to make choices based upon the desires from the outside world. Pleasing the parents, the boss, the partner, the neighbor, the child, the friend and so on. In others; pleasing your self is very often positioned at the end of the list. Because overall we haven’t learned to love ourselves. Doing good to others starts with doing good to yourself. Doing good to yourself starts with loving yourself first and foremost. If you don’t recharge after investing energy in someone else, you will not have the energy to do good again. Loving your neighbor starts with loving yourself. 

Very often we became conditioned and limited in our believes from previous lifetimes. Obey your father, obey the priest, obey the law, you are not good enough, your rank is to low, you have to instruct my orders, you don’t deserve this, etcetera etcetera. In this lifetime you have brought with you some of those limiting believes. Here you are, resonating with vibrations of fear and chaos. Because you have experienced this before fear is rising and you have a hard time to choose. 

What you need to overcome the fear is clarity. An akashic reading provides a lot of clarity and healing. As soon as it is clear what caused the fear, awareness over this issue will assist in releasing it. Healing words spoken from love will resonate in the heart and give solace to the soul. New choices can be made and the step to bravery and courage isn’t that big anymore. 

Do your self a favor and book a reading. Many others have felt the comfort of knowing. You deserve this too. From there it is easier to let in the light. 

Moving forward

Most of us want to move forward and leave a situation behind that gives us the feeling of being stuck. 

Times like these feel stuck for a lot of humans. Becoming aware the old way of life doesn’t work any longer, and the new has still to come. 

In what direction are you moving? Where are you heading towards? 

For the most of us it is hard to have a clear vision. Because we want to move on, but still attached to old strings prevent us from stepping on to a new path. Why is this? What is holding the most of us back? 

During an Akashic Reading I see so many lifetimes from a person before this one. Like this lifetime, most likely the previous ones also have been challenging. In those lifetimes it also occurred we have been hurt or we have hurt others. Because of that we developed strings to other humans. Not only that, we also developed patterns and habits. During this life, these habits trickle through.

The result is again getting stuck into old patterns  and not being able to move forward. Maybe you are looking for a new job. How often you apply, always there is a refusal. Maybe in a previous life time you had unfinished business with a boss. Those unfinished business might preventing you from the long wished new job in this life time. 

During a session clarity related to that subject can help to heal old mistakes, pains or wounds. 

Forgiveness is usually the route to take. Forgive your self and forgive others who are involved in this drama. An akashic Reading is always a healing journey. Because as soon as you get clarity, consciousness can develop. From a developed consciousness awareness evolves and forgiveness is at the horizon. Never underestimate the healing power of forgiveness.  

Please contact me if your life feels stuck, if you want to proceed but don’t know the direction. I will be honored to be of your assistance.

Release old stuff

Every time I give an Akashic reading  I am surprised about the clear answers and view point coming up during a reading. The answers always make sense and give great clarity to the recipient. Sometimes though it is necessary to give the same person multiple readings. 

We live many lifetimes on earth. We all are around on this planet for a very long time and with a multitude of live times. During those lives we experience so much and very often there are issues we experience over and over again. Those experiences are not always solved in just one reading. 

This week again I had a client who had a reading in the past already. She wants to be an energy healer. She did a four year study, followed all the parts and programs of that education and she was fully equipped with all the tools and techniques. And yet, she was not able to start her practice and draw in clients, even though she was longing for it. 

During the reading we could go deeper in this theme and she was told she had been a shaman in a previous life time. During that life time she made a terrible mistake with the result of the death of a tribe member. She was abandoned and had a hard time to stay alive all by her self. Needles to say she carried a tremendous amount of guilt in her system. 

Now she knew why she was so hesitant to start her practice. She carried with her the old feelings of guilt, not being good enough and the fear of making mistakes. 

Working with the akashic prayers she will be able to release those old feelings and find the courage to start what she desires all her life already. (The prayers are coming from: ‘From questioning to knowing. 73 prayers to transform your life’. By Lisa Barnett) 

For Animals

Ever considered to consult an Akasha reader for the help and assistance of an animal?

In general we consult an Akashic reader for our own benefit. Not so much for our pets and animals. But why not? An animal has a soul too. Of course, there is a difference compared to the soul of humans. Animals their soul overall stays in groups, so is their consciousness. But most animals in our lives have a boss, an owner, a caretaker. So there is a relationship between the owner and the animal. Based upon this relationship lots of information is stored in the Akashic records, as well as for the animal, as it is for the owner. 

Lately I have done several readings for a lady who has horses and works with those horses. Despite the beauty, health and love the animals have, there was something special between her and the horses. Just if those horses were a little off compared to other horses. 

In the reading it turned out most of her horses have been horses in a previous life who got hurt and wounded in wars. In the earlier days the cavalry used mainly horses. So not only the soldiers got wounded or killed at those battlefields, so were the horses. 

The owner of these horses, the lady who consulted me, was the caretaker of those wounded horses in several wars. (I speak of a previous lifetime here.) In this life time they came back to her, to thank her, to be taken care off again in a better way until they finally will be able, emotionally strong enough, to proceed their journey here on earth and find their purpose in this incarnation. 

Our cat was sick the other day. Even though we toke her to the vet, she stayed sick. I consulted a colleague of mine. She told me our cat was sick because she took over a lot of negative energies from our surroundings. Meant for us, but she transmuted them. After lots of insight related to these issues we could help her and protect her energetically from those negative energies. Luckily she is a healthy cat again. 

Contact me if you need insights and clarity for your self of for your pet.