What about Karma?

In our life we very often are faced with a repetitive pattern of habits. Even though we ‘know’ better, out of conditioning we fall back in old behaviour. 

Very often there is a karmic theme trying to be worked out. As long as we refuse to see the theme, we will be faced with it over and over again until we finally admit there has to be changed something and found the courage to heal those old wounds. 

As long as those wounds stem from our current life time it is not that hard to realize an underlaying pattern. If an issue is coming from a previous life time it is hard to recognize the origin. Because the origin is unknown it is difficult to see what happend. 

These are situations addressed very well during an akashic Reading. The Masters of the Akasha field take us into previous circumstances and clearly point out what happend in other life times, on other planets or in other dimensions, what was going on and what needs to be finished. Because karma is all about finishing unfinished business. 

As soon as we realize karma is about coming to completion with a person and or situation we can look at it from a perspective filled with love. Taking chances and turn them into something beautiful. A process like this is releasing old energies and creating space for something new and more elevating. Our life is more fulfilled, happy and joyful. 

It is such an honor to work together with the Masters of the Akasha field supporting humans here on earth. 


We all live in a crazy world now a-days. Where can we find peace, comfort, stability, compassion or just a good friend to talk to? Who can ease our path a little bit? 

Lately during my Akashic Readings these type of questions pop up frequently. So many people try to stay stable and balanced and for many that is a huge effort and very challenging. During a reading I am able to offer comfort, clear insights and provide my clients with soothing words from their Akashic Record. I love to speak for them, on behalf of their Masters and Teachers from their Akasha field. 

Are you in need for some comfort too, do you want some clarity about your part and your role in these days? Do you want to know what you can do? Connect with me to schedule a reading. 

And here is a prayer from the Akashic field for you. To gain some strength for times like these. To find some soul purpose and a direction in your life. 

Prayer for strength

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, in this moment I connect with you as 

I remember the strength of who I am. 

Please assist me to continue on my soul path, to do what my soul has come to do, even if I am not yet conscious of that path.

I give great thanks for the strength that fills my body now. I am blessed and filled with gratitude. 

New beginnings

2021 is a year of new beginnings. We can see it on so many levels. Old energy systems fight against each other, yet new light is coming in.

For me this website is new. Everything will be related to Akasha readings and everything involved this subject. I want to inspire you here with messages from the Lords and Masters from the Akasha field.

To make a good start I offer you a prayer you can use on a daily base. Read this prayer out loud for at least 33 days and feel / notice if anything is changing in your life.


Mother, Father, Goddess, God, please let me Love, let me feel love in every cell of my

body as I know my perfection and my divinity. Let me connect heart to heart with the ones I love on this Earthly plane or wherever they are now.

As we share this Love we know we are perfect in every way. I AM LOVE.

So it is. Blessed Be.

Love is such a wonderful energy. It draws in peace, harmony, gratitude just to name a few. The world never has enough unconditional love.

I wish you so much joy with this prayer.