About Thea and Lightwave

Thea has been working for a very long time as a Natural therapist and Energy healer. She learned so many skills in guiding and assisting others. She started her first practice in 1985. Throughout those years her skills developed and finally in 2012 she realized it was important to share her wisdom with the world. Together with her husband she developed a professional education system (officially acknowledged) to teach others how to become an Essence Therapist. A therapist who knows the essence of sickness and health and the essence of a treatment. 

Since January 2020 she’s learned and developed the skill of reading the Akasha record for others. Within a short time frame many people found her as a reader and requested for a reading. 

Lightwave is the teaching center of Thea and her husband Dominicus. Together they teach different kind of workshops, trainings and the highlights are the Summer schools. These Summer schools will take place in the Netherlands and abroad. A new website is coming. Keep an eye out for the new link here.

What people say

I look through different eyes, to my self and my processes, to others and their processes. 


I experience a strong foundation in the class material of Dominicus and Thea. Above all a strong foundation within themselves. 


The class Thea taught was so wonderful and done so beautifully, lovingly and passionately. Dominicus was the ever supporting background guy. Thank you, lovely people! 


Let’s dance, laugh and be happy.

Thea is a certified Akashic Reader through the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.

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