Hold on just a little longer

Truth be told, when I read back my blogs and read the one with the title: ‘Off the grid’ I didn’t realize it would all unfold so literally for me. And that is just what it did. Throughout the month of December I have been laying down all day, every day. Finally I was hospitalizedMeer lezen over “Hold on just a little longer”

Be like water

‘Go with the flow’ is a well known expression. Many people use it whether it fits or not. Very often used as an advise for those who got stuck in their daily lives. Yet, go with the flow is something different then fluidity.  What is fluidity and why is it important now-a-days?  Fluidity is theMeer lezen over “Be like water”

Forward, backward, left or right

Do you feel a threat every so often? Are you anxious? Do you still love your job? Do you feel free or imprisoned in the society we all live in together now-a-days?  Isn’t it chaotic every so now and then or maybe even all the time in your life? Please do me a favor: takeMeer lezen over “Forward, backward, left or right”