We all live in a crazy world now a-days. Where can we find peace, comfort, stability, compassion or just a good friend to talk to? Who can ease our path a little bit? 

Lately during my Akashic Readings these type of questions pop up frequently. So many people try to stay stable and balanced and for many that is a huge effort and very challenging. During a reading I am able to offer comfort, clear insights and provide my clients with soothing words from their Akashic Record. I love to speak for them, on behalf of their Masters and Teachers from their Akasha field. 

Are you in need for some comfort too, do you want some clarity about your part and your role in these days? Do you want to know what you can do? Connect with me to schedule a reading. 

And here is a prayer from the Akashic field for you. To gain some strength for times like these. To find some soul purpose and a direction in your life. 

Prayer for strength

Mother, Father, Goddess, God, in this moment I connect with you as 

I remember the strength of who I am. 

Please assist me to continue on my soul path, to do what my soul has come to do, even if I am not yet conscious of that path.

I give great thanks for the strength that fills my body now. I am blessed and filled with gratitude. 

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