How to heal the world

It is undeniable; the world is out of balance. Were ever we look, were ever we go, so much imbalance is visible. Parts of the world are to wet, parts are to dry, some are to cold, and elsewhere it is to hot. 

Social media is splitting up people in general, opinions pro and con go back and forth. If you are not left oriented, you must be right. And the list of duality here can grow longer and longer. 

Individual and collective healing

It is time we heal the world. To do so we have to start with our selves. Lately during Akashic Readings I see over and over again that the pain felt in this life time is caused in previous life times. 

During this time of transition we all are healing our old wounds, knowingly or unknowingly. It is the time of collective healing.

As long as you are not aware of this healing proces, you might be tempted to stay in the judgmental mode, throw your opinions on social media, distance your self from other opinions and stay in old convictions, usually based in fear. 

The wounded female energy

There is one particular theme returning over and over again during my readings. That is the wounded woman. The wounded female energy to be precisely. Mother Earth is the perfect example of being a wounded woman. The planet has a female energy, that is why we call this planet Mother Earth. The qualities of a mother are: nurturing, sharing, providing the planet with food, water, healthy soil and crops, nature to lavish, minerals to support us, plant medicine. In others everything humanity needs on this planet is provided for. But what is humanity doing: it is exploiting this planet. It creates lots of waist, spilling the waters on the planet, deplete it from minerals, deplete the soils, using poison and toxic materials, it destroys nature. 

She is worth less

Now again back to the wounded woman. There are similarities between the planet and the women on this planet. Picture this: approximately 50% of the planet are women. There is a majority of these women who have been hurt by men. Simple because she is a woman. In general salaries of female workers is an average of 10% lower, compared to a male worker in the same position and the same age. Because she is a woman, she is worth less. (Literally)

Women feel very often threatened, because she is a woman. The laws in general made by man, decide over the body of a female. (Very current.) A woman is always judged by her looks and according to the findings (mostly of males) upgraded or downgraded. 

This suppression started 5000 years ago already. Because this suppression is going on for so long now females developed her self in certain ways.

Three types of women

There are three types of women in general. I know, it looks like stigmatizing females. That is not the case here. I try to clarify something to make women aware of their actions and behaviors. These behaviors originated in previous life times, simply to find ways to survive. I also pinpoint it in this way, because I see so often these patterns during readings. Old wounds finding ways to survive. We all do, male too in their own specific way. 

End of part 1. #2 is coming soon.

For questions got to info@theaboven

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