How to heal the world part 2

Were we left at part 1

Three types of women

There are three types of women in general. I know, it looks like stigmatizing females. That is not the case here. I try to clarify something to make men and women aware of their actions and behaviors. These behaviors originated in previous life times, simply to find ways to survive. I also pinpoint it in this way, because I see so often these patterns during readings. Old wounds finding ways to survive. We all do, male too in their own specific way. 

The Slave

The slave is the woman who really has had a life of a slave. Very often sold and dragged along to another countries, to serve and live the worst life ever. Serving meant surviving; at least there was a plate with just enough food to stay alive. Women who had multiple life times as a slave are still very serving minded. Obedient, less self-esteem, acting on the needs of others. A hard time to feel her boundaries and very often misused in general.

The Prostitute

This type of woman was forced in previous life times to be the whore. Very often she could prevent to become a slave by prostitute her self as a way to survive. Or, and this was in most cases, she had no choice and was forced to it. 

Now-a-days I still see this type of women as the pleaser. To please the men she knows how to use her body to get done what she needs or wants form others. It is the ‘pretty lady’, focused on looks and male likes. She is also ‘daddies little girl’ or the little princes. It is her way to survive. 

The Male-female

This is the woman who survived many incarnations ago by copying the man, trying to climb the ladder of hierarchy by pleasing the man in multiple ways and at least to make him proud so he could show off with his wife. She acted as the back bone of the man. (Even though he ‘owned’ her.)

This is the lady who seeks career from a male perspective. Using male attributes to get the position she wants, living and using her male energies. Very often in a top position or she is a politician. Again, here is also a situation grown out of survival. 

Of course, there is also a blend of these types, a mixture of two or three. Again I want to emphasize here it is a way to deal with old pain, old survival issues sticked to the soul. 

Support each other in healing

All these types act from fear, from being misused, from being hurt because she was/is a woman. If a female lived many life times in similar conditions, it all makes sense the cellular memories kicks in as soon as there is a threat for her, from a female perspective. So many healing is needed, so much understanding is required. First of all a woman has to understand her own past. Knowing her past she can start to understand why she is doing what she is doing. Healing the past helps her to release the memories, the pain, the fear and find her own inner strength and sovereignty. 

As a collective we need to understand we all have been the wounded woman. Yes, the men also. Because somewhere along the line a man incarnates as a woman. Most likely in that lifetime also in a situation of abuse. 

As long as we do not heal our selves, as long as we do not support each other in healing, we will not be able to heal the world. The only way to do so, is coming to completion with the separation, superiority and misuse of the other and the planet. We are not different from Mother Earth. We are the same. So the only way to heal the world is to heal our selves. 

The males need to ask the females for forgiveness, the females need to forgive. The males need to support the women on their healing journey and in the meantime they need to heal themselves, forgive themselves for all they have done in violating the female energies here on the planet. Than unity, harmony, peace and balance can exist. The world will live as one again. 

It is so wonderful we can get access to the Akasha Records, to go within and find the root of the pain. The Masters, Beings of Light and Teachers are so willing to support us, to heal us, to guide us to peace, forgiveness, love and understanding. Please send an email to if you are in need for some guidance. 

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