To Be or not To Be

I guess you will recognize this 

I am rising in the morning, with a busy schedule ahead of me. I know all the things I have planned are important and need to be done. Domestic chores, business appointments, social activities and time to unwind, to name a few. After half a minute I feel tired already and wondering why. I drag my body to the bathroom, take a shower (after I have fat the cat, cleansed her litter box, feed another little bit because she keeps asking), walk to my meditation room and start the day with a nice long meditation. I feel great. Then I realize all the appointments and all the items on my schedule. Again: I feel tired and start to procrastinate. 

‘Hm, let me have breakfast first and read what’s going on in my world.’ One hour later I still haven’t start my working day. I walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and notice there are some dishes in the sink. ‘Let me do the dishes’ and again another 30 minutes are gone. My phone rings:  ‘Hi, how nice you call’. It’s a friend and we chat along. Again another 30 minutes are gone, and that is how my day is melting away. 


Do you recognize my story? What is going on here? Why do I keep procrastinating and don’t I work in a disciplined way? I know this all so well. I drag around because I am overwhelmed. There is so much on my plate, I loose sight and get lost in the amount of activities I have planned. The consequences of the feeling of being overwhelmed is becoming insecure. ‘Can I do this? Am I professional enough to do what it is I want to do? Will my business become successful the way I want it? Can I make enough money with my business?’ So many questions pop up and not one effective answer. 

Until I learned how to get access to my Akasha record and how I got access to the Akashic field of my business. Now the Akashic Masters of my business are dictating me what to do and what to let go off. Right now, this very moment writing this blog. It is the Mastery of the field of my business what dictates the words and offering me the helping hand to write this article. 

Higher Guidance

Isn’t that wonderful? Every time I need input, that can be private or business wise, I ask for the insights of the Masters and Teachers. They never fail me. They always come up with practical answers and tools. It is me who needs to trust their words. If I doubt them I loose my direction and it is hard to hear their words. Trust is the key here. And that brings me to be or not to be. If “I am”, I am connected to the earth, I am grounded, I am in peace, I feel energized and I am inspired. There is no overwhelm, there is overview, there is trust and the knowingness all I have to do will be done smooth and easy, because I am inspired (literally) by the words of the guidance forces. I trust them and follow my path. 

Ask and you will receive

Your Masters and Teachers from your Akashic Field are also ready to give you all the input you need. All you have to do is to ask, because they honor your free will. 

I have learned from them to walk my path in an organized fashion I can say. I have structure now, because I work with an organized agenda. I have set my boundaries simply by organizing my time and to close the door of my office. Yes, really. My door was always open, because I thought for one or other reason I had to be available for everyone at all times. I have learned I don’t have to. So now my door is closed when I work. I only have available time for my business and as soon as I am done I open the door again. A big relief I can say. ‘To Be or not To Be, that is the question. Now I can say: ‘I am’.

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