Be like water

‘Go with the flow’ is a well known expression. Many people use it whether it fits or not. Very often used as an advise for those who got stuck in their daily lives. Yet, go with the flow is something different then fluidity. 

What is fluidity and why is it important now-a-days? 

Fluidity is the skill to adapt to certain situations, without loosing your self. It is helpful to adjust to new circumstances or settings. It works great to set yourself on a temporarily distance to create an overview and coming closer again to the situation when you’re ready. It’s not about: ‘hang loose’. It is about flexibility, adapting, adjustment and not getting stuck in an opinion or vision of someone else. 

The time we are living in now is asking a lot of fluidity if we want to stay sane. So many messages are thrown over us, sometimes hard to divine if the messages are true or not. In general most of the messages are fear based, so a critical overview requires fluidity. From there we can feel if the information is helpful or not and simply drop it. 

We are approaching the end of Summer break. School starts a new year and the majority of people is going to work again. Within a blink of an eye Fall will be on our doorsteps. The changing of the seasons is also asking for fluidity. In this case it is on a material level. Are you prepared well enough for the winter? Did you harvest your fruits and crops? Can you adapt easily to the changing temperatures? All this is part of our regular life too and comes with the quality of fluidity. This is something going on for eons now. But another way of fluidity is a bit more abstract and requires a bit more effort. Let’s talk about being fluid in what is happening today. 

Fluidity during a shift of times. 

As you know this world is in a massive change. Old paradigms are falling apart. What worked for a long time in the past is over now. The way a country needs to be governed now-a-days needs to shift in a more transparent way with trustworthy leaders, speaking only the truth and nothing but the truth. Humanity is looking for peace, equality, harmony and (self)love. We are moving into that direction. To get their safe and sound we need to use our ability to adapt, distinct, discerns and make new choices. To do so we have to make use of our fluidity. 

There is so much pressure from the outside world. It can be hard to make the right decision. Opinions go from right to left. What is your genuine opinion, what fits you or not? Are you still working for the right company or has your vision moved on, but you find it hard to step up and find the correct job for now? 

Nothing is set in stone, everything is moving in multiple directions. The question is: “What is your direction?” 

Do you dare to be fluid and move along the changes? Do you trust your path right now? Do you trust the universal plan and do you trust the cosmic guidance? We have passed the station of recording our lives. There is a saying: “One way to make the goddesses and gods laugh is to make plans.” Hence, we need to be fluid. This counts for humanity collectively as so on a personal level. We are in this planetary transformation, we have no choice than move along and find our ways with ease and grace. Helping each other with love and understanding. 

Are you in need for some support or clarity? Are you ready to move on with your life but you need some guidance? I can help you in finding a clear path again. Going into the Akashic Fields we receive intelligent advise from a very wise source who loves us and waiting to be asked for help. Please touch base, send me an email and we can go from there. You are here to shine, to be blissful, to be joyful. You deserve the best. So stop pondering all the above questions and simply book an appointment. You will be grateful afterwards and thank your self for the amazing gift you gave your self. 

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